Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Mac Forest Mud Fest

I've taken up the challenge over at Bike Dreams to bicycle every day of November. I've already missed two days (didn't make up my mind to give it a go until Monday night). :)

On with the report ...

Arrived at the parking area to find a herd of down-hillers loading up their bikes, all muddy and happy. I figured what with all the full-suspension bikes they were sporting, I would not be riding the same messy trails. Yeah it's wet, and drippy, but really, I'm staying on the roads. How messy can it be?

Probably not quite as messy as the herd, but still, I was sporting polka-dots before I returned to the car. 
Muddy Me. (I hate my selfies)
It was beautiful and oh so peaceful in the forest. Sometimes foggy, sometimes beautiful views touched with mist. Autumn colors everywhere. This is why I love this forest. Went into the forest feeling anxious and restless, came out at peace with the world.
McDonald Forest



6.87 miles
51.57 time
7.93 average
22.96 max
Trek X-cal


Martha said...

What a beautiful, relaxing ride. I can smell the damp earth looking at these photos.

redlegsrides said...

A ride through a quiet forest is always good for one's soul....

Trobairitz said...

Very pretty with the mist. Did you do the Vineyard Mountain loop from the Lewisburg Saddle? We were thinking of that. I know some of the mb trails are closed for the year so we thought maybe just the roads were open.

Bluekat said...

Hi Martha
That damp earth was all over me and then in the car! :)

Bluekat said...

Hi Dom
So true.

Bluekat said...

Hi Trobairitz
Yes, that's the loop. One of my favorites. It should be spectacular this weekend. There is logging activity going on in the area near the 5 way intersection by the powder house, but only on week days. I think they come down a spur road and are on the 500/Nettleton for just a short distance. Nettleton and Davies Rd. were open. Let us know if you ever want to get together for a ride. :)

OSU Forestry dept. has details on their website.

SonjaM said...

I really like the atmosphere in these pictures. Very inspiring for my next ride in the forest.
I am impressed with all the riding you're getting in. Thanks to winter time most of my rides are now confined to weekends.

Trobairitz said...

Cool, thank for the info. We might head out Saturday after coffee, but have to be prettied up by early evening as the Team Oregon annual banquet is in Salem Saturday.

Some day we should get together for a ride. As long as you don't mind this slow poke.

Troubadour said...

We need to get together for a ride, that'd be so cool!

Bluekat said...

We'd like that too.
Hope you guys got out today. We did a club ride - cool and grey, the sun never did come out, but it wasn't bad...and we had potluck afterwords. Can't complain about that!
Enjoy your banquet! :)