Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I think it's time

My Rockhopper still had her original tires. I've been going to change them for a few years now...just never got around to it. Now to be fair the bike has sported other tires from time to time, so it's no like these tires have a lot of mileage on them. They're just old...
...really old.
Mountain bike tires are much easier to pop on and off a rim than road tires.
 Seriously, that's daylight shining through that sidewall! Last week I rode these up to Dimple Hill, and down Dans trail.
 New rubber for the ride. I even got the directionals on correctly.
 By the way, I changed these puppies all by myself. Ron wasn't even around until I was finishing up. Just sayin'
Test ride.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

An Evening on the Lake

The waters of Cheadle lake have been calling.

The kayaks have been hanging from the garage rafters for far too long.

It's also time for the little dog to get her sea legs.

It's been on our to do list for a while, but we hadn't yet gone kayaking on Cheadle lake. In fact we haven't done any kayaking anywhere this year. This past weekend we loaded up the yaks, and the dog and took a short drive to the lake. Sadly in all the rush to gather up snacks and gear the camera was left behind. Our dog, Cookie did pretty good. She went in the water once, we pulled her back onto the boat and when she tried to shake off the water, in she went again. After that she attempted a modified shake that didn't really suffice, but kept her on deck. Did I mention that Cookie doesn't like the water all that much. All the more motivation to stay put.

Tonight we went out again. This time we brought the camera. Cookie was calmer and definitely on her way to becoming quite the little sea dog. Calm while on deck there were no swims tonight. One slip, but she fell into the cockpit instead of the water. She even wandered out to the front hatch cover a time or two.
Evening is a nice time to be on the lake. 
Serendipity with the camera: caught a few geese in flight.
Blackberries are abundent. The air smelled like blackberries.
Ron found a snack.
I found a bryozoa. Are you impressed I know its name?
I cheated. I read about them a few yeas ago on a kayaking website. I had to look up the website to find out the name. Google it if you want to know more. They're rather strange.

Yeah didn't know that one either. Google is my friend. 
Spatterdock...what a great name!

Really Green
Time to head back. 
More Spatterdock floating gracefully on the water.
Calm waters nearing the dock
Load 'em up, it's time to go home.