Tuesday, August 16, 2011

An Evening on the Lake

The waters of Cheadle lake have been calling.

The kayaks have been hanging from the garage rafters for far too long.

It's also time for the little dog to get her sea legs.

It's been on our to do list for a while, but we hadn't yet gone kayaking on Cheadle lake. In fact we haven't done any kayaking anywhere this year. This past weekend we loaded up the yaks, and the dog and took a short drive to the lake. Sadly in all the rush to gather up snacks and gear the camera was left behind. Our dog, Cookie did pretty good. She went in the water once, we pulled her back onto the boat and when she tried to shake off the water, in she went again. After that she attempted a modified shake that didn't really suffice, but kept her on deck. Did I mention that Cookie doesn't like the water all that much. All the more motivation to stay put.

Tonight we went out again. This time we brought the camera. Cookie was calmer and definitely on her way to becoming quite the little sea dog. Calm while on deck there were no swims tonight. One slip, but she fell into the cockpit instead of the water. She even wandered out to the front hatch cover a time or two.
Evening is a nice time to be on the lake. 
Serendipity with the camera: caught a few geese in flight.
Blackberries are abundent. The air smelled like blackberries.
Ron found a snack.
I found a bryozoa. Are you impressed I know its name?
I cheated. I read about them a few yeas ago on a kayaking website. I had to look up the website to find out the name. Google it if you want to know more. They're rather strange.

Yeah didn't know that one either. Google is my friend. 
Spatterdock...what a great name!

Really Green
Time to head back. 
More Spatterdock floating gracefully on the water.
Calm waters nearing the dock
Load 'em up, it's time to go home.


  1. Beautiful pictures, looks very serene.

  2. Nice.

    It's difficult for Heather and I to fit all the wonderful things we like to do in. So much to do and so little time. Ain't complaining, just saying.

    Glad you were able to fit in some kayaking.

    Thanks for the share.

  3. That looks like a lot of fun and what a great way to relax in the evening. We have an Airedale that would be so scared of the water that we couldn't possibly take her, if kayaking.

  4. BlueKat:

    what a nice way to relax but I am like your Dog, afraid of the water. It looks so peaceful & serene, a perfect evening to be on the water

    Riding the Wet Coast

  5. Great pictures Kari. Sure is hard finding time for all the hobbies.

    Our poor canoe has been sitting in the backyard for 2 years now. We finally lent it to some riding friends that were going to rent one. Maybe before the rains come back we'll get it out. You may have inspired us.

  6. Wonderful Kari - thanks for sharing!

    Like Trobairitz, our kayaks haven't been used by us for ages, although our kids use them when they visit. They'll be going for a run on their trailer this morning, but only when I take the trailer for it's warrant of fitness!

    Thanks for the education on Bryozoa! Must check whether they're on NZ too.

  7. Great pictures, I have to try kayaking. Isn't Google great? researchers say we will eventually not need to study as much because the answer to anything will be readily available LOL

  8. What wonderful photos! I really like the cool, calming colors. I had to google bryozoa and see what it was. So that is like a huge colony?

  9. Marvelous pics, especially the after sunset one. Kayaking/Canoeing is food for the soul. Thanks for the biology lesson. I had never heard of those bryozoa before, and neither did I know that this is obviously an animal.

  10. Love the pics of Cookie on the kayak :) In the second one, she looks like an old pro at traveling on the water.

    While they're all great pics - the 1st to last one shot at the side of the kayak... wowzers <3

  11. I love your pictures!! We discovered kayaking on our most recent vacation. We kayaked in Clayoquote Sound it was stunning and I am hooked now. We have to seriously think o buying some. Love your doggis sitting on the end of the yak. Blackberries yum! I particularly like activities where snacks naturally pop up! Love the picture at the end of your kayaks.

  12. That is so cool bringing the pooch along. I've never had the luck of owning a dog that would get near water.

  13. BTW, the next to the last shot just above the water is great. Very serene...

  14. Thanks Raftnn

    Keith - So little time...so true! :)

    Thank you Dom

    Hi Gary
    Scared of the water is incentive to stay on deck! :)

    Hi Bobskoot,
    I'm scared of water too. You should have seen me the first times floating the river. Everything freaked me out, especially the way the bottom of the river would appear and disappear, or how the little currents would effect to boat. I've gotten better with time on the water.

    Hi Trobairitz,
    The time problem sucks. We have retired friends and they are always out doing fun stuff! The Willamette from Corvallis to Albany makes a pleasant afternoon...just sayin' :)

    Hi Geoff,
    Our kayaks get very little use these days. I really enjoyed being on the water again.

  15. Hi Richard,
    Thanks, Yes the bryozoa is some kind of colony thing. I read a little about them online, but my unscientific mind found it confusing. That's why I didn't even try to explain what it was. :)

    LOL - the waterline pic....I'm jonesing for a new camera...if I drop this one...oh well...
    Just kidding, well sort of.

    Hi Sonja,
    Food for the soul - a very apt description. There is something special about being on the water. I love the smells, I love the sounds.

    Hi Fuzzy
    Thanks. We are preparing Cookie for the day we go on the river, and moving water. This has been her little doggie kayak clinic. :)

    Hi Fattkaw
    She really doesn't like water all that much. That gives her incentive to behave! :) We've had other dogs that liked the water, but they were much too big for the kayak.

  16. Dear BlueKat:

    There is nothing like time on the water to put a quiet moment in perspective. I liked the glass-like surfaces on the like too. I was never much for Kayaks... I have always preferred canoes. I have always loved putting the boat out on the water in the moonlight. Great blog post tonight.

    Fondest regards,
    Twisted Roads

  17. Bluekat,

    I grew up on the water, so to speak. My family spent all its time together at a cabin in upstate(ish) Minnesota. I find nothing more peaceful and centering than time on the water, particularly in a canoe. Even the smell of swamp water as I drive by brings up thoughts of my cousins and I paddling out in an old aluminum skinned canoe. Ah, memories.

    Behind Bars - Motorcycles and Life

  18. An ace photographer, quickly becoming an accomplished motorcyclist, and now a botanist?


  19. Beautiful! I had to laugh to see Cookie. No way our greyhounds would ever fit on the deck of a kayak. LOL But it looks great to be able to bring her along.

    You almost have us inspired to take the kayaks off the wall. It would be more of a reality if we could actually reach them...

    Soon. Thanks for stirring up good memories.

  20. I like places like this. Nature at her finest. The colors in your photos are so vibrant.

  21. Great work Kari. These all are such a marvelous pictures collection, especially the after sunset one. That looks like a lot of fun and what a great way to relax in the evening.

  22. Hi Jack,
    We've done one moonlight ride and it was so beautiful on the water at night. You would have enjoyed the evening, on our way back to the dock we "interrupted" some boaters anchored out in the middle of the reservoir...Sorry! Just passin' by...carry on... :)

    Hi Brady,
    I love the smell of the river. It instantly brings up those memories of being on the water.

    Hi Irondad
    A botanist? Ha! Should have heard me trying to explain that thing to some friends! Finally told them to go look it up too.

    Hi Lori
    LOL - yes Greyhounds would be a handful on a kayak! :)

    Hi Shybiker
    Thank you. It's really nice to have the little lake close by. This summer is the first time we've ventured out on the water.

    Thank you, Safety
    It is a nice spot for a walk or some boating. We often take an evening stroll along the paths.