Sunday, November 9, 2014

Weekend Recap: Still haven't gotten out on the Kawi

Sunday, Nov 9 - 8 miles

I spent the morning procrastinating while sipping my morning coffee, then spent a little more time waiting for the drizzle that showed up to quit. Per my app, it was supposed to quit in 12 minutes. It took perhaps a few more minutes than that, but did eventually move on out of the area. Today was an easy recreational ride just to get some pics and stretch the legs a bit.

Cheadle-Lake-Loop-cycling - 01
Cheadle Lake. Water level is very low. 
Cheadle-Lake-Loop-cycling - 02
Artsy path pic
Cheadle-Lake-Loop-cycling - 06

Cheadle-Lake-Loop-cycling - 08
Easy access to Weirich Drive. Didn't know this was here. Nice! I cleaned up after my animal. 
Cheadle-Lake-Loop-cycling - 09
Weirich Drive in full bloom.
Cheadle-Lake-Loop-cycling - 22
Yep, another one of the diversion dam.
Cheadle-Lake-Loop-cycling - 23
The artsy shot.

8.15 miles

Saturday, Nov 8 - 24 miles

Saturday was our annual Covered Bridge Ride and Potluck. We broke up into several groups based on mileage with our group riding about 24 miles. It was cold and grey, but no wind or rain showed up, so a pretty decent day over all. Great food afterwords. I'm photographically challenged these days, learning a different camera, so I had a lot of blurry images.
Start Your Engines ...
Zoom, zoom ...


Gilkey Bridge
Shimanek Bridge
Dinner is Served!!
Missed a pic of one bridge, because I was blathering away and not paying attention.


Friday Nov 7 - 11 miles
Short spin around the neighborhood. 11 miles on the fun bike. Sunshine showed up and the wind did not - Yay!

Peterson's Butte


Thursday Nov 6: - 4 miles

Went out for a quick little ride between showers just to count for my ride today. Only about 4 miles.

One pic of the hill I didn't climb. Locals will know her for the short beast that she is.

 One cute, fuzzy, animal pic for the cuteness factor.


  1. That poor motorcycle of yours, enviously watching the pedal bike going out time and time again...... :)

  2. Wonderful photos! I really like the first one. I'm sure it's me, but I don't see that kind of riding opportunity around here. First, your roads aren't crumbled by farm machinery and heavy truck use. Oh, and you don't have a steady stream of cars in your photos either...I swear you rarely ever get to see a road without steady traffic here. Unless it's Christmas night.

  3. Thanks Martha
    We are fortunate to have good roads around here. It's very rural. Busier highways generally have good shoulders to ride on, and back roads are often quiet. We do have trucks and farm equipment, and the occasional good ol' boy in a truck who seems incapable of sharing the road. Overall good for bikes and motorbikes.

  4. Good on you for getting out each day despite the chilly weather. We got out for a quick bit Friday afternoon and even then it was chilly.

    The trees are finally showing off their bright colors. Seems late this year.

  5. Wonderful photos. I especially like the first two.

    It looks like Fall has arrived...

  6. Hi Trobairitz,
    I think the trees are late this year. At least it seems so. They are finally getting some nice color. I think this week we are in for some serious cold. Time to dig out the fleece!