Tuesday, November 11, 2014

November Ride Everyday: Days 11 and 12

Monday Nov 10: 

No mileage to speak of, just a quick trip to the store for bird food. I returned home empty handed. The bird was not a happy camper. He is what ...  like, 5 ounces? Pffffft! What's he gonna do?
(Don't worry, Ron brought him dinner, after work.)

Tuesday, Nov 11 - Veterans Day

It’s best not to pass up an opportunity twice when you’re handed two great days for riding. I ignored the blue skies yesterday. I didn’t think I should do so a second time. I headed out with a vague plan to ride around 25-30 miles. I think the destination changed 3 or 4 times before I settled on a route (or at least a general direction to point the bike). Did I mention that decisiveness is not one of my strong points.

WV-cycling-141111 - 01
Rock Hill School
WV-cycling-141111 - 03
Willamette Valley view
WV-cycling-141111 - 07
Lovely ranch outside of Shedd Oregon
Stopped in the little town of Shedd to pick up some more water, because, silly me, why would I have needed to bring a second water bottle if I was only going for a short spin…

Oregon, where the wind comes sweepin' down the plain...oh wait, that's Oklahoma!
WV-cycling-141111 - 10
Western Star Grange
WV-cycling-141111 - 11
The Doctor is out and about in Tangent. 
Nice 42.5 mile ride. The last twenty fighting the headwind all the way home. Note to self do not head west when an east wind is predicted. I should know this stuff!


  1. Oh what fun to see Shedd and Tangent mentioned! Some of those towns where I remember reading the signs and laughing! "Boring", too. All good memories as I sat and looked out the car window as this massively magical green place called Oregon streamed before my very young eyes.

    Do you live in Salem? I've forgotten your city. I thought it was Salem.

    1. Hi Martha, Glad you enjoyed it. :) We live in Lebanon, about 35 miles south of Salem. I used to work in Salem though.

  2. Kari, I don't understand the caption in the last photo?

    1. A "Doctor Who" reference.
      Blue police phone box = The Tardis (The Doctor's mode of transport)
      British Television show. I thought everyone watched Doctor Who. :)

  3. I was going to say that I like the Tardis reference in the last photo...

    Nice photos of all the barns and it doesn't matter which way you head it's always into the wind and uphill on the way home.

  4. Beautiful pictures, the last three didn't come through on the Mac for some reason (just blue question marks)

    I had yesterday off but Brad worked so I stayed home did all my chores and house cleaning and watched the sun through the windows.

    You are getting out during the week which is nice. Are you working from home these days or taking some much needed time off?

  5. Hmm, not sure why they aren't showing up. They show up for me, but techy I am not.

    Just taking time off. Before Rachel got sick I was working towards taking some time off and moving on to something different. For now I'm taking some art classes and trying to get back into shape.

    1. The pics showed up today - go figure.

      I am glad you are taking some time off. Life was hectic for so long, it is good you can slow down a bit now.

    2. I'm not sure what's up with the pics. Someone else was blocked from the images due to "adult content". LOL plenty of bike porn and motorcycle porn, but no people porn that I can recall. Silly flickr - I probably messed up some settings somewhere.

  6. What's with the Tardis in the backyard?

    Lovely crisp photos, Kari!

  7. Hi Sonja,
    I don't know the story on the Tardis. I just noticed it one day. I've ridden by there for years and never saw it. Don't know when it showed up.