Thursday, October 16, 2014

Finley Wildlife Refuge Hike

Compared to yesterday's wind and rain, today is beautiful. Since I didn't get my Wednesday ride in I decided to go for a hike today. Can't waste these nice fall days. They'll soon be history.

It's hunting season at the refuge. Bicycling on the trails is forbidden as is running/jogging anywhere within the refuge. No dogs allowed either. The reasoning is these activities are too disruptive to wildlife. Apparently shooting the wildlife with noisy guns is not disruptive to wildlife.

BTW I agree with the ban on dogs and bikes. :) Would love to trail run though.

I hiked two loops, Mill Hill loop and Woodpecker Loop, as well as the intertie trail that connects the two. About 4 miles probably. My bicycle computer (Garmin) didn't work well at walking speed and hidden under the trees. It only recorded about 30 minutes/half mile of the hike. I imagine a true gps unit would fare better.

Pretty day. Nice weather. I'm happy.

Beautiful old oak tree.

Grey Creek. It looked a little less like a mud hole in real life.

Mill Hill Trail


This is a little pond in winter.

Woodpecker Loop Panorama (Click for full size). The hill to the left has been burned.
Willamette Valley in background.

Pidgeon Butte in background.




  1. Hi Kari, it is good to see you enjoying outdoor activities and splendid weather. I have become a bit lazy lately but your entries give me new motivation to seek out a little hiking or biking adventure before winter kicks in. Thanks for that.

    1. Glad to be motivational! :) You have some beautiful places to hike!

  2. Beautiful. We haven't been out to Finley in at least a year or so. We've only done one trail (Mill Hill I think) but really enjoyed it.

    Glad you managed to get out in the sunshine. I was stuck in the office, sigh.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. I hate it when it's sunny on work days! Well, it's okay if the weekend is nice too. I haven't been out to Finley in while either. Our last hike out there was in winter and a tree literally fell over as we were hiking by! It wasn't close to the trail, but still...freaky!

      btw - One of my cycling friends will be taking her Team Oregon BRT next weekend. She's an older lady. Her and her boyfriend just bought a Can-am for touring.

  3. Your posts always make me want to get out and enjoy the outdoors. Though our outdoors don't look quite as inviting. At least I pumped up the tires on the mountain bike and rode around during lunch time yesterday.

    1. I'm tellin' you, you need one of those fat tire snow bikes. Too much fun! ;)

  4. Yummy photos in a beautiful area. Is that warm white pine I smell?

    Here I am looking at sunny photos of Oregon while Wisconsin has been experiencing very Oregonian weather for weeks.

    I used to own some blaze orange items for walking trails in hunting season. Or for just going out for a walk on the road it was smart to wear orange. Noisy dogs can be favorite targets for hunters...

    1. Hi Martha,
      No bright orange, but I did have a bright pink/magenta top. Sorry you're getting all our rainy weather. I've been pleasantly amazed at our good weather this fall. We really could use some rain, but I sure hate to see it start. I hope you get some nice weather before winter sets in for good.

  5. I like how you framed the nearby hill with the trees in the last shot....nice.

    1. Thanks Dom,
      It was a pretty little spot where the trail came out of the woods.