Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Cycling: Albany to Corvallis

Decent day for a ride. Cool and overcast, but no wind or rain, so who can complain. I broke my front fender on some debris strewn across the path. It may be salvageable.  We'll see. Roger had another flat and while we had lunch his bike was across the street at the bike shop getting a new set of tires. :)
Only one photo today. Ace, Jo, David, Steve and Roger.


33.4 miles
13  average
243 gain
21.9 max


  1. Wow you guys are still getting out on the bikes, good for you.

    I picked up a full-on mountain bike at REI on clearance on friday (Navarro Madrona) so we are looking at this weekends forecast and are hoping to get out Saturday. Should be better in the dirt than my Hybrid.

  2. Nice! Had to pop over to REI and check it out. Looks like a great ride for the trails around here. So far Saturday is looking good for riding - subject to change at the very last minutes, lol.