Thursday, October 9, 2014

Strokes and Spokes

Saturday's Ride: Jefferson to Aumsville
No pics. Ron took some pics, but he hasn't posted them yet so... It was a great day for a ride. The weather this fall has been spectacular for outdoor activities. For this ride I was a little tired and not on top of my game. I think it came down to fueling: No breakfast, etc. I've ridden often on no breakfast, but I think it may not be the best plan. :) 31 miles

Sunday: Kayaking on the Willamette.
Steve Snyder was doing a paddle trip from Peoria to Corvallis, so a group of us invited ourselves along:

Leaving Peoria boat ramp

On the Willamette

Lunch Break


Under the bridges - Corvallis

Heading to the landing in Corvallis

Wednesday Wanderers: Albany to Shedd and ride around the valley
Another perfect weather day. NO WIND! Gorgeous sunshine. Beautiful. 39 miles. I still don't have my garmin, so no other ride specs. I kept up so that was good.

Albany to Shedd

Albany to Shedd

Albany to Shedd

Albany to Shedd


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