Monday, April 12, 2010

Salem Oregon City Walk

Sunday we went for a city walk in Salem. I found a route here that has intrigued me for some time. We started at Bush Pasture Park on Mission Street.

Pathway in Bush Park
Iron fence along Mission Street

Our first stop was Deepwood Estate.
Someday I want to take a tour of the house.


Lamb's Tongue
I want a walkway like this in my yard.
All day wouldn't have been long enough to explore all the treasures hidden here, so we captured a few highlights with a promise to return again another day, then set off toward Salem's hospital campus in hopes that the next portion of the trail would reveal itself. More to come...


  1. Nice images Kari! I didn't know all that was there. I've seen what looks like a park on the south side of the hospital though. I'm going to Salem today, I'll be more aware of it now.

    That Deepwood Estate looks intriguing! Your photos of the plant-life are really nice. I really like your banner photo too! I wish I knew the names of plants I see.

    It looks like you didn't ride the bikes since you had your dog with you. You've got some miles on the Ninja already!

  2. Thanks Mike,
    I was itching to get more photos to play with. I've not explored the whole park, but there are a couple of houses, Deepwood and Bush house that can be toured. (Same Bush as Ladd & Bush bank if your familiar with that building.) I hope to post more pics later this week.

    Nope, no bikes that day. We rode the day before, so it was a day for the doggie to get out and we took the car. I think there's a post somewhere...she has ridden on the Suzuki. :)

  3. Kari:

    when we had our dogs, we used to have dog days too, usually on Sundays when we would take them down to the river or to the beach and let them smell their way to wherever they wanted to go.

    I have something in common with your dog, I too have ridden on a Suzuki

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

  4. Hi Bobskoot,
    Yeah, dogs need to have their day too!

  5. Yes beautiful photos! What a wonderful place. I just love seeing all the spring beauty.