Saturday, April 10, 2010

Don't poke the Ninja

Ok, so it was more like drilling than poking, but what a great way to spend the evening, making holes in the new bike. Here's one...
Kinda puny. Let's make a bigger one!
Now that's a hole!
R and G sliders. Once again I have much admiration for Stacy and others like her who can post detailed photos and instructions on their modifications. I just don't have the patience for documentation. We used the instructions as a guide, but according to information we found online, you don't have to remove the fairing to install these. Of the several types of sliders we looked at the R and G's sounded like the easiest to install, and we liked how they looked.
Puig windscreen
Sorry, I don't have a better pic of the windscreen yet. I added a Puig windscreen to the Ninja. Fugly, but it works. I was taking a beating with the stock windscreen and the wind fairly screamed. I still have wind noise (and a little whistle), but it's at a tolerable level now. I'm hoping that I'll stay a little warmer too, time will tell. I'm still looking for the perfect ear plugs. Apparently I have weird ears.


  1. Looks great Kari!!!! I would have cringed to drill that hole! Hey...I put and "Iron Miles" gadget on my sidebar....I'd love to see a "Ninja Miles" on yours!

  2. Kari:
    You are braver then I, for drilling those holes, what if . . .
    I shutter to think

    It's great to have a good windshield. I had a Puig on my prev bike (actually 2 bikes ago)

    sorry, can't give an ear opinion until I see them in person

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

  3. Looks good Kari! Well done... scary, but well done. :) When I drill holes like that I usually put tape down so I don't see the destruction. :)

    These are the ear plugs I wear. The flaps kind of conform to the ear. And you can jam them in as far as you need/like. The other nice thing about them is they're cheap! I cut the cord off.

    If that link doesn't work, google "AO Safety ear plugs." There's also a guy in your area that makes custom ear plugs that are molded to your ears. Our son got some from him for his job. He met the guy in Corvallis. Let me know if your interested in that option.

  4. Good job on getting those frame sliders on. They look great. Did you have to hold your breathe when cutting the holes? Hold your tongue just right?

    Regarding earplugs. I must have freakishly small ear canals because it seemed no amount of searching for earplugs worked. The normal spongy ones were way too big and actually hurt in my helmet and I tried the orange silicone ones for kids and they were still too much.

    Well today we were at Discount Motorcycle Parts in Eugene and I bought a pair to try because they semed so small - AND THEY FIT. They are made by Hearos and are the "rock n roll' series. They are washable and reusable. One pair in the pack for $4.99 but worth it since they fit and came with a case. Here is a link to their website:


  5. Eve,
    lol - I thought I would have to leave the garage, but I was so busy taking pics that I wasn't to bothered by it. I'll have to look for your iron miles gadget, I haven't noticed yet...I'm intrigued.

    Hi Bobskoot,
    I read a number of posts that said it was easy to cut the fairings, but yeah, I was a little nervous. Ron I think was really nervous. He moved up in drill bit size slowly. Then the hole-saw had a tiny amount of wobble...still it ended well!

    I agree on windshields. It makes for a much pleasanter (is that a word?) ride.

  6. Hi Mike,
    thanks for the ear plug info. I'll look into it. I might take you up on the custom guy in Corvallis. I'm still cheaping out, looking for something in the stores, but I'm afraid I may have to go custom in the end. - Thanks!

    Hi Trobairitz,
    Awesome! Thanks for the earplug info. They sound promising. I have the same problem...tiny ear canals. And I'll take any excuse to go to Discount Motorcycle parts! Probably come home with more than earplugs though!!

  7. Hi Kari,
    I just used the photo of me with my Iron and in the caption I change the mile when I remember. Which I must do because we rode today! Talk about mountain roads!!! First gear, hairpin curves, straight up!!! whooo hoooo!!!