Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Motorbikes and Pedal bikes, 2-wheels and 3 wheels, What fun!

Any of you who follow Redleg's Rides probably already know that Dom treated my daughter to a ride in Valencia's sidecar. This was a very special treat for her and she had a wonderful time. Big grin on her face when she left the parking lot. Thanks Dom for stopping by and making our day! It means a lot to Rachel and I.

We've moved out of the hospital to an extended stay motel. We need to stay close to the hospital for a couple months until our daughter's health is more stable. This weekend I got in a little bike riding. Boy have I lost a lot of fitness this year! I found a short bike path close to the motel that crosses a major scary intersection. The intersection is literally where two freeways and an arterial road all converge, intwine, meet and repeat. I actually only had to cross the street and it had a crosswalk. One freeway veered away from my location, and the other freeway had a pedestrian bridge the crossed over the top. Not very scenic, but kind of interesting to explore.

Sunday Ron and I had a chance to get away for a couple of hours. So where do we go? Why to the bike store of course!
They have a green bike!
Did you know I'm fond of green?
My belated birthday present...
Properly baptised with Oregon rain on her virgin ride.
For now I mostly ride her on the trainer, but she'll be my little commuter for runs to the the library, grocery store, and the local coffee shop. :)


  1. I can relate to Rachel having a huge smile on her face. I enjoyed the ride in the sidecar just the same. I wish her continued speedy recovery.
    Congrats to the new bike, it looks very... green (and wet). Enjoy the ride!

  2. Nice bike Kari! Will you be get a chance to bring your motorized one down for the occasional ride?


    1. Hi Dom,
      I wish. I don't think I'll get a motorbike ride until I get back home. Probably better to get reaquainted on familiar roads anyway. I do miss riding. The upside is the weather should be great by then. :)

  3. Kari:

    I'm glad Dom made time to visit with you and give Rachel a ride.

    I knew your Ninja was green but didn't realize it was your favourite colour too. I just don't believe that RON broke down and bought you that bike when he only bought you a new seat the last time.

    Happy belated birthday ! too bad it had to be in a Hotel with Ron miles away at home

    hope all is progressing well & you both will be able to go home soon

    Riding the Wet Coast

    1. Hi Bob, and thanks
      I know - most people think blue is my favorite with the nickname and all, but there is just something about green that makes me happy. Even garish ugly greens. :)

  4. Glad to hear that things are going well. Happy belated birthday and how about more details on the new green machine. Aluminum frame?

    1. Thanks Richard,
      I always hate to bore everyone with too much bicycle content, but since you asked :)

      Aluminum frame, steel fork, 7-speed freewheel (I didn't know they still made freewheels), triple chainrings. I'm not sure of the gearing, but it's mountain bike gearing. 700cx35mm tires. It has the most important part - the color green!

      Already working on the shortlist of upgrades from parts laying around the house...a 9speed cassette, better derailleurs, brooks saddle. :)

    2. No such thing as "too much bicycle content"!

  5. Nice new bike you have there Kari. Glad it is green just like your other two wheeled machine. Happy belated birthday.

    I am glad to hear things are moving along with Rachel and her recovery. It is a bummer everyone has to be in Portland for a few more months, but at least you have each other for company.

    1. Thanks Brandy,
      Right now waiting is the hard part. Rachel is feeling pretty good, other than tires easily. An upside: she can do short shopping trips when stores aren't crowded and we're a stones throw from Beaverton motorcycles - woot!

    2. Pretty sure I won't be packing home something two-wheeled from that last store mentioned though :(

  6. I found myself looking forward to Dom's post about giving Rachel a ride. I was excited for her. Now I get to be excited for you! Green is nice. My skates are green. Funny about names isn't it. I, too, have blue in my blog nickname, yet my Symba is black and white; my Kymco is red; and my other scooter (a Toyota Yaris) is black. There is no blue.

    I think of you all everyday and do my little part to insure the universe doesn't forget about you.