Monday, August 20, 2012

Two-wheeled Weekend - This and That

No epic rides this week. No special scenery. Sometimes it's good just to hang out in the local area. I took Sam for a ride looking for inspiration for a post. Not much inspiration, but it was a nice ride before the hot weather set in for the afternoon.
Local icon: Larwood Bridge
I love the smell of mint in the summer!
Have some more corn, Honey?
Sam is, as of yet, blissfully unaware of the new gas coming to a pump near you. 
Riverview  meeting hall.
Saturday is skinny tire day. We had a pleasant, short ride from Jefferson to Aumsville. We were to early for lunch, so second breakfast I guess.
Smile! The climb is over. 
Recumbents. I had a chance to ride a recumbent (bent). Scariest thing ever!
To round out the weekend nicely, I guess we need some fat tire time. We hauled the bikes to Sisters, Oregon for some sweet central Oregon dirt. Rode some trails. Dodged the climbs. Got lost a couple of times. Good stuff. I love mountain biking in Central Oregon.
Sweet Central Oregon Dirt
Riding Peterson's Ridge Trail system outside of Sisters Oregon

Weekend over, Back to the grind...


  1. BlueKat:

    I didn't touch my bike(s) at all. I'm enjoying summer and wearing summer clothes and not having to gear up all the time.

    It's great that you managed to do so much

    Riding the Wet Coast
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    1. It is nice wearing all the summer clothes and sandals. It seems like we get too few days to enjoy shorts and tank tops. And yet, I'm nearly ready for fall to show up. Is that wrong? :)

  2. It looks like you had beautiful Summer days and you got in three 2-wheeled activities. Pretty impressive. This evening started to feel too cold for Fall with the wind blown drizzle and temperatures in the mid-30's (°F).

    1. Hi Richard,
      It's been a little warm, but now the next few days we'll be having unseasonably cool weather. Fortunately dry and not anywhere as cold as yours.

  3. Ooo. I like that Central OR dirt. And I can smell those pine needles. So that's a mint field? I knew I wasn't delusional when I said I always smelled mint when I lived in Oregon!

    1. Hi Martha,
      Yep, plenty of mint growing around our valley. I pass several fields in summer. One local little town has a mint festival every summer. We used to have some come up in our yard, but it hasn't done that for a few years now.

  4. I'm glad you are having so much fun and getting to enjoy the great weather. Sure glad it has cooled off a bit now.

    I don't know why, but I've never thought about Sisters for mountain biking. Looks like great fun though.

    I love the smell of the mint fields. Soon they'll be harvesting I'm sure.

    1. Hi Trobairitz,
      I didn't know they had trails near Sisters either until I stumbled across some info on the web. They're only a few blocks on the edge of town.

      I'm loving this cooler weather. Feels like Fall which is my favorite season.

  5. I find it hard to balance having time to take a motorcycle ride and get some physical activity all in the same day (especially with the days getting shorter all the time) - glad to see you got both in (balance) over the weekend.

    1. Hi Vstar Lady,
      It's hard to fit everything in (so many hobbies, so little time). We haven't had nearly the time on motorcycles this year that we would like. It's unusual that we "do it all" on the weekend, but it was nice to have an exception. :)

  6. Wow, we both rode to Covered Bridges on Saturday. Is it that great minds thing again?

    So, a recumbent is scary? I used to ride a rowbike, now that was alarming at times.

    1. Hi Keith,
      Yep great minds and all that :)

      Recumbents are just a whole different beast when it comes to balancing. I was told the trick was to relax my arms and shoulders and don't have a death grip. So what did I do? Tensed my shoulders and arms, and applied a death grip. The bike was so twitchy I was sure I was going to crash at any moment. After I relaxed a little it was kind of fun though. :)

      I had to google rowbike. What an interesting machine. I suppose you row it to make it go? I can imagine that's rather tricky to learn too, but what a great work out!

  7. Great to have weekends full of fun (two-wheeled or not). I don't own a bicycle. My grasp for the concept of pedal bikes is very limited, and it will certainly get you killed in Vancouver traffic, where there is already little respect for scooters and motorcycles...

  8. Hi Sonja,
    Yeah, I don't think I'd like to ride in the city, except maybe on a nice path. Car, moto, bicycle, I prefer the quiet roads :)

  9. Love the picture of the covered bridge We just finished a non-motorcycle vacation with plenty of physical activity and it was lovely & restful.