Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Hiking Weekend

Two days of hiking in the Portland area. Saturday we visited Tualatin Hills Nature Park. 200 acres in the heart of Beaverton. The weather was decent and it was so nice to be outside and walking!

Sunday we woke to rain. and rain. and more rain. Spent the morning at REI with about a zillion other shoppers. Found me a nice little cap, so it wasn't a wash. I had to get outa there though. Too crowded! Next stop was Road runner sports to replace a pair of my running shoes. My poor old NB's are getting mighty thin in the soles. Not sure why, it's not like I actually run that much!
Stopped for a hamburger for lunch (was good and didn't order the french fries!), then as it was still raining, we popped into downtown Portland to visit yet another Bicycle shop - Western Bike Works. Nice shop. We drooled over the lovely bikes and bought a computer for Olivia, my hybrid.
The weather was looking a little more promising, so we headed toward Tryon Creek State Park. Beautiful Park. I didn't take too many pics, and many of the few I did were blurry. Too dark and to much drizzle, but we had another lovely walk in the woods.

I'm getting anxious to be home. Hopefully in a couple more weeks.


  1. Kari:

    Looks like you had the trails all to yourselves. Everything looks so green and lush. Don't worry about your NB, most barefoot style have thin soles when they are new so you can "feel" the ground. I like REI too but we only have Mountain Equipment Co-op up here and I need to buy a hat too

    what are you looking at bikes for ? I thought you just got a new one ?

    I can't imagine being away from home for so long

    Riding the Wet Coast

  2. Beautiful pictures Kari. They look like a nice area for a hike. There are so many trails in and around Portland and surrounding areas. I am glad you guys were able to get out for a few hikes.

    Hope all is going well with Rachel and you will be home soon.

  3. Beautiful green in your pictures. And nice to be able to get out on the trails this time of year. Is the new green bike the "hybrid"?

  4. We also just came back from a variety of little hiking trips. Alas, it doesn't get that lonely in the forests of Germany. It looks like you had all this green beauty to yourselves.

  5. Love the last photo.

    I hope you get to being back "at home" with a life back in proper places soon, very soon.

  6. Beautiful days out. All the "poison ivy" out there looks pretty. Reminds me our our Georgia nature hikes, and I am definitely doing the poison ivy dance as I try to avoid it all.

    Hope you will have a great homecoming when the time comes and you can do a little more relaxing.