Saturday, February 6, 2010

Window shopping

We succumbed to the draw of the dealership. This is one downside to rainy weekends. Yes, I now know I can go ride in the rain, but I'm not feeling that great today, so what better way to spend the afternoon than to run up to Salem and play with the lonely bikes in the showroom. Apologies for the stock photos. I can't bring myself to take out the camera in the showroom.
This was my second close look at the BMW f650...or G650...with a 650...or was it an 800...I just call them the single and the twin. This one is the twin. I've been told this bike is everything I"m looking for, nimble and fun, but I'm having a hard time getting excited about it.
We made the mistake of not leaving right then and there. I haven't looked at the CBR 600rr. Well, I've looked at it in passing  (oooh, pretty bike), but I haven't been silly enough to actually sit on one. What do I need with an rr bike anyway? It's half the weight and twice the horse power of my Suzi. I almost crashed right there, standing still on the showroom floor. At least it was carpeted.

Of course they have a great deal on a used one...sigh.
Worry not, we didn't bring it home.
Oh and they had that new BMW S1000rr. oooh pretty bike!
photos from Salem Honda website


  1. Did you test ride today? As I'm sure they told you, BMW is pretty liberal with their test ride policy. Before I bought I took one for over an hour. Nice bikes Kari! It's fun to read about your considerations on your next ride.

    Hope you feel better.

  2. Thanks Mike,
    I am feeling better this shopping must be good for the health and well-being. :)

    No, no test rides. I've found few places that allow test rides. BMW in Eugene apparently has a nice 45 mile test route out on some nice back roads. That would be fun!

    What do you ride, Mike? I don't think I've ever known, other than it's a bmw.

    Don't encourage me...I can obsess on and on about my bike shopping (just ask Ron). I try to keep it to a minimum here.


  3. Whatever you do Kari...DONT GO LOOK AT MY BLOG TODAY!!!
    I'm so excited for you. I hope you find the perfect bike!

  4. I have an 07 R1200RT which I bought last May from a private party. If you go to the Tigard BMW they'll let you test ride anything. BMW's policy is that the dealer can't sell their test bikes until they reach a certain milage so they encourage poeple to take them out for long rides. I'm surprised Salem wouldn't offer to let you ride as many as you want. I've heard that Eugene has a set course but I believe Tigard still lets you go wherever you want.

    Pretty exciting about Eve's news and your shopping!

  5. Eve,
    lol - yeah, that's gonna stop me! :)
    I'll be over shortly!
    Thanks, I hope I find the right one too. It's fun looking.

    Hi Mike,
    Thanks for the info. We were going to make a trip up to Tigard last fall, but it didn't pan out. I don't know if Salem allows rides or not. They didn't offer, but I didn't ask either. It was just a casual visit, and we spent most of the time talking about CBRs. I was surprised to learn the f650 takes regular gas. I don't know why but I figured it would take premium.

    I have seen the R1200's. They look big! Nice looking bike though. I bet it's a great ride. Do you ever tour? We've done one trip in 08, and I hope to do more in the future.

    Don't give it away...I haven't made over to Eve's yet. :)

  6. Last August I worked in southern Oregon for a few days, so I've had it as far south as Ashland. I've been over to the coast a bunch of times and I've been up to Longview and out to The Dalles. My sales territory is most of Oregon and the southwest part of Washington. In a few months I want to head over to Bend. I'd love to go on a long trip though but my wife won't ride. :)

  7. Well, you got a big area to cover. Yes, it's a little harder when it's a one-person hobby. My co-worker's wife doesn't ride either. The have a motorhome and he trailers his bike on their trips. She'll spend time doing her thing, and he'll get a ride or two in, then they have time together too. Somehow we all make these things work out. :)