Sunday, February 28, 2010

Wedding Day

Our daughter came down this weekend for her cousin's wedding. The wedding wasn't until evening, so that left an afternoon of bonding time with our eldest child. Rachel thought a ride would be fun. Her cousin that's getting married gave her her first motorcycle ride, so it seemed an appropriate way to commemorate the day. (Any excuse to ride will do!) We rummaged up enough jackets and helmets to get everyone reasonably geared up. It's a perfect day, warm and sunny with big puffy clouds, and dry roads - what a treat!  We choose some local backroads with  a nice selection of curves, throw in a covered bridge or two, and we have a nice ride for the afternoon.
Our first stop is Hoffman Bridge. Stopping is a must as the bridge is closed for some kind of work. We had to go check it out though.
We back track to Crabtree and head out toward Gilkey Bridge.
After a brief stop for photos we head back to Lebanon. We have a wedding to attend.
This is our nephew, Jason and his fiance, Julie. This is their wedding announcement. Don't you love it!  Yeah, they're bad! Jason and Julie have been friends for a long time. It took Jason some time to figure out that Julie was the one for him. Dude, open your eyes! Jason and Julie both love God, love sports and love spending time outdoors. They had a wedding registry at REI. Now that's the way to start a new life together.

I won't plague you with too many photos from the wedding, but there's a couple that you might enjoy. After the reception everyone gathers outside with sparklers in hand to send Jason and Julie off in style.
There is no Limousine, no hummer, no fancy auto of any sort.
Their chariot of choice...
A Honda Nighthawk.
Is this the way to exit your wedding in style or what!
May God richly bless your lives together, Jason and Julie. 


  1. That is way cool! This post really brings a smile! What a great couple and loving God, sports, time outdoors, and motorcycles - that's wonderful. Their invitation is nice and heading out from the reception on a bike is a neat way to begin their lives together. Nice photos and post, Kari.

  2. thanks Mike,
    Yes, we thought it was a really fun way to wrap up the evening. Truth be told, he lives a block away from where the reception was held. He's a very decent kid, and his new wife is just a treasure.

  3. I didn't figure the ride would be too long. Your post was a refreshing take on the wedding thing.

    Good thing Nighthawk's don't usually have fuel leaks. That close to an army of sparklers? :)

  4. Hmmm, yes, sparklers and fuel...could've been more fireworks than originally planned. :)

  5. That is fantastic Kari!! Love it!
    By the way my oldest daughter is Rachel as well, she has her own Ninja!!