Friday, February 26, 2010

Flowering Plum

Something soothing to cap off a busy week full of deadlines. I tried to get a nice photo of the plum tree three times this week, but a good photo was elusive. The camera wanted to focus on a subject not of my choosing, and I didn't have time to fuss with it. That's the problem with trying to get a photo or two before rushing off to work. Eventually the camera and I both settle for this one. I have one more sign of spring recorded for posterity. Another sign down...a few more to go.


  1. Nice shot Kari. I like the rich colors and the contrast. The water droplets really add to it too. Was that taken with your G11?

    Your header photo is really nice too.

  2. Thanks Mike,
    Yes it was taken with the G. I took it Friday during all that rain, hence the water drops. :)

  3. Pour some coffee on the camera. Then you will both have better focus in the early morning!

    Nice photo. I was going to take a photo of the neighbor's Japanese Plum tree with pink blossoms. It won't look as pretty as your bloom, though!

  4. thanks Irondad
    Go get the pic, I know you'll do just fine. :)

    lol - As if I could give up one drop of precious coffee in the morning even for the noble cause of photography.

  5. Wow Kari!! I think you and the camera did great on this one!!!