Sunday, February 14, 2010

Saturday Bicycle Ride: Chocolate & Riding. Chocolate & Photography. Chocolate & a couple of motorcycles.

 Do you see a theme? On Saturday's bicycle ride we didn't make it out of the parking lot without  our first chocolate of the day. In fact we had two chocolate treats before heading out on the road.
The brave photographer puts herself into precarious situations, risking life and limb for that one special shot. Did I mention we're on the bicycles today? Ok, so not so precarious and life risking. A wheel shot along the Dave Clark bike path. You know what this will lead to...
This week I spotted my first daffodils of the year. These are not them. These are the second sighting of daffodils of the year.  The first were along a road with no shoulder, and no place pull over. Yes I could have gone back with camera in hand, and got the pic, but that would have required a U-turn. Since I need a Costco sized parking lot for U-turns you get a pic of the second daffodil sighting.
Someone had a chain break on the ride. While we waited on the repair I spent the time crawling in a ditch taking pictures of grass and colverts. I like ditches. Maybe it's my history of "ditch-walking" with my dad. Back in my farm days we irrigated our pastures by flooding them from small ditches that ran through the fields. In the evenings we'd go out with shovel in hand, to close up one flood point along the ditch and open up others where the ground was dry. Ditches were little worlds all their own. In my mind they were rivers that ran through enchanted lands. Each bump and high point had a castle or a fort. What can I say, I was kind of a dreamy sort of kid. Anyway, I like ditches. This one had some interesting grasses, culverts, and a nice soft batch of sticky mud. No castles though.
We head back into Albany to our next stop. Chocolate Boutique and Peddler's Boot. 320 6th Ave. in Albany. This cool historic house is chock full of wonderful handcrafts, collectibles and chocolate. What a fun place to visit!
The bent's decide to park in formation.
 The rest of us head inside to purchase a some of this...
One more photo op. Someone left a rainbow down the middle of the road - nice! This won't be my last rainbow this weekend.
Lunch was at Szabos in Albany. We had chicken ceasar salad and finished with cake and ice cream. Chocolate of course!
Ron and I finished the day with a quick trip to Salem to play with more motorcycles. I've sat on these three before. Ron insisted on the camera. I won't look at him.
None fit quite as nice as the ninja. I like the SV, but it would need some modifications for a better fit.
I can't end this blog post with silly motorcycle sitting pictures, so here's one more in black and white. Hopefully it's a nicer ending to the post.
It's 5:45 pm and there is still a little light outside. Days are getting longer - Yay!


  1. Too SWEET!! I love the last picture kari. And the GXSF reminds me of my lost love!! The Iron arrives tomorrow...if the snow storm holds off!!

  2. Nice wheel shot! That articulating screen really comes in handy. Tell Ron thanks for getting shots of you on the bikes. The bikes all look like they could be keepers. Nice photos!

  3. Thank you Eve,
    I will be praying for blue skies and sunshine for the homecoming of your new ride!

  4. Hi Mike,
    I really don't like the motorcycle pics, but it was part of my day, so it didn't seem right not to include them. It's funny it felt different sitting on the bikes than how it looks. I thought I was sitting more upright than what I was. Weird.

    Glad you liked the wheel shot. It was pretty easy at 12 mph on a bicycle. I should have photoshopped in a little blur on the wheel...make it looked like I was really cruising along. :)

  5. Are the shots with the new G11? They are so clear!

    Not that I am a motorcycle addict, but the pics look like the inside of Cycle Country at Market and Broadway?

    Now we have to go find the chocolate shop. Thanks a lot!

  6. Thanks, yes these were taken with the G11.

    ...My name is Dan and I'm a shopaholic...motorcycle shopaholic that is...

    Yes that was Cycle country. They're going to get tired of me coming in to sit on their bikes.

    Did you find the chocolate shop? It's sinfully delightful. The kahlua truffles were quite nice! Ron has 2 candies left, and if he doesn't get to them soon, they will be gone. :)