Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Fog, Cold, and One Other Rider

I'm beginning to think riding in the rain is better than riding in the fog. At least it's warmer...generally. As long as I can keep my socks dry switching from motorcyclist to employee I'm good. My fingers were freezing this morning. They will be freezing again tomorrow morning. Maybe Wednesday and Thursday they'll just be wet.

One other rider today. On a goldwing maybe? I'm not good at identifying bikes. He waved, I waved. So nice to see another rider out on a foggy morning.
Foggy ride. Ok, it's a cheater pic from another day. But this is how it looked today! Too cold to drag out the camera.


  1. It was chilly yesterday morning but the afternoon was okay. Way to brave the elements Kari.

  2. I agree on the fog. Fighting for visibility is a hassle. It also has this strange habit of disorienting me. I think I went farther than I did.

    Do I take it that you ride to Salem for work? Maybe our paths would cross and I would have the privilege of waving at you.

  3. Hi Eve,
    No, not brave. I just want a chance to ride each week, and sometimes commuting is the only riding I get. I think that makes me more desparate than brave.

    Thanks Mike,
    Well, I didn't ride today. So much for braving the elements :)

    Hi Irondad,
    I know what you mean about disorienting. I haven't had it happen on the bike yet, but I have gotten "lost" in the fog while driving. It's a strange feeling being lost on a familar road.

    Yes I work in Salem 4 days a week. If the weather's good and I get an early start I take the backroads. Otherwise it's the freeway. I'd love to have another rider out there to wave at. :)

  4. Howdy!

    There is a local photo contest you might be interested in. Or maybe you already know about it. Entries due 2/26. Shoot me an e-mail intrepidcommuter@comcast.net

    Will send you what I got.


  5. BlueKat:

    Holy cow batman, Irondad entering a photo contest !!

    I don't like fog. Your tail light is too small. I don't mean your tail, just tails in general

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

  6. BlueKat:

    can't be this one as it goes to Feb 26, 2010


    AHH, only residents of WA and OR

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

  7. bobskoot,

    That's not the one, but maybe I'll get really crazy and enter two!

    Sorry, Kari, but we're gratuitously using your blog for your own evil ends!

  8. Hi Irondad,
    email sent - thanks

    Hi Bobscoot,
    lol - Just wait til he gets his first gallery showing :)
    Yes I feel very invisible and small in the fog.
    I'll check the link = Thanks!

    I rather think a little evil now and then is a good thing. Feel free anytime :)