Saturday, December 18, 2010

Valley ride

Thursday Morning
Thursday I rode to work. The morning and evening rides were beautiful. I wish I could have taken pics, but there wasn't time for stopping. This was the brightest day we'd had in a while. Cold, but at least the heavy gloom had  lifted to a degree.

I wake up to fog and cold temps, so I spend the morning cleaning house and taking care of errands. After lunch it's time to ride. The first stop is for gas for Sam, where I have a discussion with the attendant about how crazy, cold-weather riders stay warm (Irondad withstanding) using heated gear. He'd never heard of heated gear, but wished he had something like it when working outside. Tank full and off we go.

I've added a neoprene band that goes around the base of my helmet to help seal out wind and cut down on wind noise. Is it quieter? Maybe, but not quiet enough to ditch the earplugs. I stop along Tangent Drive to put in earplugs and add a balaclava as well. It's so nice to be on the road!
Tangent Drive
 The route goes west of Tangent, past the Oakville Church, where the historic building is decorated  for Christmas, then on to Peoria Road. The plan is to ride towards Albany, but Sam wants a longer ride and so do I. We turn toward Corvallis and head out to Independence Highway.
 Oakville Road
I don't stop for photos, I just enjoy the ride. Sometimes fast, sometimes slow, I don't care, I simply want to ride. We cross the river at Independence and head towards Ankeny wildlife Refuge. Traffic is light and the back roads quiet. Mt Jefferson gleams with a bright cover of snow in the afternoon sunlight.
Mt. Jefferson
Where did the time go? I turn Sam towards Jefferson following our commute route home. One last  break at Knox Butte cemetery, the last stop for the afternoon.
Knox Butte Cemetary
Festive touch
  We spotted three other riders out today. Eighty miles, a few stops, and a very nice way to spend the afternoon.


  1. Nice set of pics. (Like the last one best with mean green Sam in the gray). There is something special about riding this time of the year, isn't it? Come weekend I also get my chores done in the morning hours, while waiting for the frost to thaw up a little to spend a few hours on two wheels in the early afternoon. Not many riders around. Wishing happy holidays!

  2. Sweet! Great ride. Great pictures. The light in the winter really adds to the ambiance. So glad you were able to enjoy! -Lori

  3. Ahh, you are brave. Looks very cold to me! I love your header, such a beautiful image!

  4. I love your comment "I enjoy the ride, sometimes fast, sometimes slow, I just want to ride"

    Sums up motorcycling and why we do it to a T! Nice read, have a great Xmas and holiday.


  5. Great pictures. That last shot is pretty cool. All B&W except the bike. How'd you do it?


  6. Great pictures Kari. And I agree with everyone else - that last shot of Sam is perfect. Happy riding and enjoy those dry sunny days. They seem to be few and far between this time of year.

  7. Hi Sonja,
    Yes there is something special about this time of year. I can't say exactly what it is. The roads are quieter, well everything is quieter, very few people outside if they don't have to be. It creates an aloneness that isn't lonely, if that makes sense. And the few riders out are perhaps of like mind - kindred souls prepared for the cold and enjoying the day in spite of it.


    Thanks Lori,
    It was one of those "thanks, I needed that" kind of rides. :)


    Hi Karen
    Nah, not brave...I have a heated jacket so I stay comfortable. It's much colder running around with camera and gear on a cold night! Notice I haven't posted any Christmas photos yet! :)

  8. Hi Roger and thanks
    Merry Christmas to you and yours!


    Hi Richard,
    Thanks. I did it in photoshop using layers. Here's a link to an earlier post with a tutorial. It's one of the ones I used to learn the technique. You don't need photoshop, but any photo editing software with layers I think will work.

    Sorry, I haven't figured out how to post a link in comments - hard to believe I design websites at work

    Thanks Trobairitz,
    Very few and very far between! :)
    Looking forward to those shopping adventures you have coming up! :D

  9. Nice ride report and great photo of Mt. Jefferson! It's nice to hear that you were able to get a leisurely ride in the cold temps. I like the last shot too!

  10. I'm with Richard, I love the last photo too, the Kawasaki green is just beautiful, if I ever bought a kawasaki sport bike it would be that green. I also love the effect, B/W except for the bike. I am going to read your tutorial now ;-)

  11. Thanks Mike,
    Sounds like a few of us are getting cold-weather rides in here and there as the weather allows. :)

  12. Hi George,
    Thanks. I think there are several techniques to get the same effect. I tend to like a hands-on approach, so to speak. It's not my tutorial, just something I learned from others more knowledgeable than me. :)

    I can't remember now, but a few of us bloggers started playing with the B&W/colorization thing. Mike, were you the one who started that little trend? :)

  13. You people are crazy! Who ever heard of going out for a ride and just going farther and farther from home?

    I had to tone it down. It got to where I would go for a ride and then call Katie. I'd tell her I was three hundred miles from home and would be late for supper. Ouch! She bought me a t-shirt that says

    What day is it and how did I end up in Alaska?

    Actually, I love the way your enthusiasm comes through in the post.

    In my last Photoshop class we learned a shorter way to do the color / black and white thing. I'll have to send you and e-mail about it.

  14. Hi Dan,
    Those rascally bikes! Sometimes they just won't go home. Richard in Alaska will go to his front door one of these days and there you'll be...just in the neighborhood...out for a little ride...

    Looking forward to hearing about this photoshop class thing.