Sunday, December 12, 2010

How did this sneak past me?

Sam passed a milestone recently - 10,010 miles. I missed it by 10 miles. I'm pretty sure that it happened on the commute home in the dark and rain, so my excuse is that I was a bit distracted. It went unoticed until today when I went out to check mileage/gas in case of riding tomorrow, and there it was.
10,000 miles with Sam.
My goal for the year was 12,000 miles total and with the mileage from the Suzuki I've gotten 13,269 so far. A respectable amount for a commuter I think, and who knows, I may get a few more miles before year's end.

I think. I can safely say Sam now has more mileage than some Ninjas will see in a lifetime.


  1. Sweet. Good job Kari. Here's to many future thousands of miles of happy riding. Kudos to you m'lady.

  2. Congracts, that's a good number. Keep on rolling. Wishing you lots more miles and smiles.

  3. 10-10 on a police radio means a fight is in maybe you are fighting for more miles? Is that a 10-4 good buddy? LOL

  4. Congratulations! What is next years goal, 15K?


  5. Yay! Congratulations! And a great many more miles are wished on the two of you! :) -Lori

  6. Nice milestone indeed! Good job and congratulations! Many more safe riding miles!

  7. It's one of the few nice things about a long commute, though I'd be happy to have a shorter one.

    Thanks Trobairitz :)

    Thanks Sonja

    Hi Ken
    lol - no, really not fighting for more miles, just trying to make the best a long commute. The miles will add up anyways, may as well grab up the bragging rights.

    Thanks Keith, :)

    Thanks Richard
    Actually next year's goal will be more miles on the bicycle. This was our lowest mileage year since we started cycling. Though more miles on both two-wheelers would be all right too!

    Thank you Lori

    Hi Mike and thanks. Many safe mile to you too!

  8. You, my dear, are a riding Goddess!!!!!!