Sunday, December 5, 2010


That would be the description of the first ride after being off the bikes for two and a half weeks, longer for Ron. We went for a ride today. It had to be done or things were gonna get ugly. The Suzuki wasn't sure she wanted to go out. It took some persuasion and a little help from the battery charger to convince her. Sam wasn't sure she wanted to go either, but she took less convincing and started after two tries. Geez girls, I'd think you'd be antsy to get out of the garage. I was able to try my new gloves (thanks Trobairitz, they work well). I didn't use the heated grips for most of the ride and my hands stayed toasty. The new dorky mirrors are still wonderful - what a view! I can see behind me and it isn't just the trunk case. Sam will have to get used to her dorky antennae, cuz they're stayin'.

The ride? It was spectacular, sunshine, pretty clouds, no wind, and most of the sand blown off the road. Perfection in late fall. Ron scrubbed some newness off of his rear tire, and I put a few more miles on mine.

Not many pics. I was afraid to stop somewhere in case the Suzuki decides not to start again. Later I'll find out she has a fouled plug. It's a recurring theme with her, and in the best of old bike/car syndrome, Ron keeps extra plugs around. She'll get a new one tonight.
 One pic as evidence we did ride!
One hot apple cider and a peppermint mocha with white chocolate and whipped cream...scrumptious!


  1. Looks Great! Makes me hungry, pics like that. I know what you mean as far as not getting out for rides. I turn into a right grump!

  2. Hi Raftnn,
    lol - It made me hungry again when I posted it. I wished I had another at home. :)

  3. Glad you like the gloves and were able to go for a ride. I used mine riding to the coast Saturday. Toggled my grips back and forth between low and high but they did well. Back of the hands were warm with the wind protection from the gloves, but my thumbs were cold.

    Hooray for riding on sunny fall days.

  4. Nothing better then a hot mug of chocolaty perfection on a cold riding day! Glad you were able to convince the bikes to take you out.


  5. Poor Suzuki, feeling all sad next to the shiny Ninja ;-) it's like she's looking down at the young kid and saying, "I'm old! what do you expect?,I can't just jump and go that fast"

  6. Peppermint mocha, sounds like. Wonderful reason to get out and about.


  7. Yummy treat at the end of a riding day. I guess Sam had, you know, 'one of her days'. But with handyman Ron around, you will always be safe.

  8. Hi Trobairitz,
    I used them again today and noticed I can really feel the grips through them, compared to my other gloves. Next test: Rain. :)

    Hi Lori,
    Yes, me too! :)

    Hi George,
    Oh, she's cranky and temperamental, but she still has her moments, and her rider gives her free reign to run. She could use a depends now and then... :)

  9. Hi Richard,
    It was a wonderful reason to get out, and I still want another. Obviously I need to pay another visit to The Beanery.

    Hi Sonja,
    Yes, it's good Sam has Ron. He keeps her in good shape...although if you saw some of his other projects, you might wonder! :)

  10. So far I've been able to continue to ride here in Missouri. It was 15F this morning but clear and dry. I'm not looking forward to those days when snow and ice will invite me to leave Billie at home. I know I will be grumpy. I suspect I will need lots of Chocolate :)

  11. Hi Circle Blue
    15F - Brrr! I haven't tried anything close to that cold. Yes, yes, chocolate should help...a little! :)