Sunday, June 28, 2015

Dubois to Togwotee Lodge

June 28

Per Google maps, this was our climb today:
30 mile climb to the pass
2815 elevation gain
197 ft down - which had to be reclimbed ya know.
6939 elev to 9577 elev.

This was going to be a 50 mile day. Only the first 30 mattered. They were up hill all the way to the top of Togwotee pass. We met another rider, Lee, who rode with us, and we carried his stuff over the pass so he could ride unloaded. Everyone rode at a pace they were comfortable with. Ron was feeling poorly at the start, but felt better after about 8 miles. It was a long slog, but the views were beautiful.

Tonight we are staying at Togwotee Lodge, in a nice cabin. This was the best choice for lodging as nothing suitable could be found closer to Moran Jct. A difficult but good day of riding.  

Total mileage 39 miles
Tomorrow we will finish the descent to Moran jct. and stay in Grand Tetons Natl. Park. 


  1. Again, you leave me impressed by your mileage, and elevation gain. RESPECT!

  2. Beautiful mountain views in those pictures. I am glad Ron was able to join you and ride with you.