Friday, June 26, 2015

Jeffrey City to Lander

June 25 - Thursday
Pretty scenery today, and a sweet down hill run.

We've been off the grid and in the dead zone. No wifi. No cell. 
We were worried about our stay in Jeffrey city. We didn't have a good place to stay, but we found a great place for bicycle tourists at the local Baptist church. They have their basement set up for cyclists with a kitchen, shower, bathroom, a large gym and some individual rooms where you can lay out your sleeping bag. We were very pleased to find this place to stay.

The next morning we left in a whirlwind of packing up the car, and getting the bikes on the road before the mosquitos ate us alive. They were with us for miles, waiting for us to slow down just enough to let them land. Heaven help the rider who actually stopped (Laura​). We took a break at Sweetwater Junction where we ate our snacks in the rest room facility to escape the mosquitos. Shortly after this we were headed down a 5 mile descent. Here we finally seemed to leave the worst of the mosquitos behind. 

We had some road construction to get through, but it was easily ridden. Roger had a flat just as we cleared the worst of the construction. A few more miles and we were in Lander, WY. 
62 miles


  1. Nice photos! What were folks taking pictures of in the next to last photo?

  2. Thanks Richard. I don't know what they were shooting. I was just shooting views around me in each direction and when I looked back this is what I caught on camera. I thought it was funny.