Sunday, June 21, 2015

Kremmling to Walden

Rode 80 miles - a new personal record.
Climb a pass: 9683 ft elevation
Crossed the continental divide … again
Fought a beast of a cross and head wind
That about sums it up. I’m tired, no long post tonight.

 It was a nice ride with some great views. We stopped for 2nd breakfast early in the day, then ate from our bags the rest of the day. I only had 79.2 miles on my bike when we pulled into the hotel, so I had to ride around the street for a bit to get 80. I just couldn't be happy with 79.2 :)

Great day of riding, though I'm exhausted.
Note: I'll ad the summit pic once I get a copy from Roger

Heading out of Kremmling
Long, long train - Woo Woo!

A little canyon we rode through.
Scenery was pretty here. 

My only pic of the Colorado river, and it was by accident. 
Laura and Roger 

80 miles a personal best :)


  1. Ron is probably thinking: "I flew out here only to fight winds like this?!" ;)

    I think Walden claims to be Moose capital of the west of something like that, see any moose?

    1. We saw signs for moose, but alas, no moose were seen. That's twice now I've been in Moose country and haven't seen one. I guess they are shy. :)

  2. 80 miles? I get exhausted just reading and thinking about it. Respect!

    1. It's either that or sleep in the sage brush ;)

  3. Sounds like a grueling day, but pretty views.

    Way to go on 80 miles!!