Saturday, March 21, 2009

Harrisburg Oregon, Before the Ride

It's Saturday, typically a ride day. We're going to ride to the Daffodil Festival at Long Tom Grange. Before we start I have a little time to explore a small corner of the city. Along the waterfront is a wonderful park. Benches dispersed along the greenway to enjoy the river, and a lovely Gazebo. It's a nice place to just sit and relax listening to the river.
While we are waiting I spot two canoes up river. Ok, now I'm ready to get the kayaks out and go for a float. The canoes are moving quite fast, and it looks like a wonderful time to be on the river.
Across the road facing the river is this portion of an old, crumbling building. Most of the building has a metal facade, but a small section is left to reveal the older building underneath.

After the ride I find an old blue church one street over from the river. It's a simple building, but it has some lovely arched windows and this great tower.

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