Sunday, March 1, 2009

Jefferson to Stayton Bicycle Ride

Saturday, February 28, 2009


Specs to come


Ron and I got there early, but Bev was there already. She rode in from Albany! Way to go Bev!! Ace and Jo are the ride leaders. The weather is cool, cloudy but dry. We headed out through Jefferson neighborhoods out to the highway. We made our first stop at Green’s Bridge where some rafters were loading up down in the river. The blue house was visited, and on the road once more. The next stop was at the old barn on Shelburne to decide who wanted to go the flat route and who wanted to tackle the hills. Ace, Bev, and Jerel opted for the flat route. Bill, Ron Jo and I headed for the hills. Bill and Ron sped up the hills like they weren’t even there. Jo stayed with me, as I slogged my way to the top after dropping my chain twice.

Once we were all at the top we enjoyed the view towards Richardson’s Gap took a pic or two, and got back on the road. Someone said the hills were through, but we were still climbing up a false flat (I hates those!). More riding, more views and a fantastic downhill with a nice maximum speed around 37 mph. It didn’t even feel fast. We paused at a stop sign and admired an old historic barn/farm, then off again on our way to Stayton. Earlier Jerel asked if we were going to Subway. After some discussion Subway it is. Nobody told me that Subway was several miles farther down the road! Now, there needs to be a rule about route changes that add more than a few yards to the route. Still, gotta love Subway. Lunch was yummy. When is food not yummy on a bike ride!?! We took a different route back since we were on the far end of town. Went out through Marion and back to Jefferson by that route, where we had a crosswind sometimes but a nice tail wind most of the time.

One last Hill...

Then homeward bound.