Sunday, March 8, 2009


‘Tis March! Sun, rain, snow, wind, and really pretty clouds. We decide to explore Silverton. Looking at the sky we decide a good choice will be to go by car. It will be a wise choice. We pack all the goodies I think I might need for the afternoon, and off we go.We leave the car at Coolidge Park where we are close to a little bridge that crosses Silver creek.

What a nice park. It would be a great place in the summer when it’s hot out, full of tall fir trees. The park is backed up against a steep hill/cliff and has a lovely little playground for the kids.

We wander around town keeping a sharp eye on the sky. We are between two nasty looking storms, but it's sunny and lovely in downtown Silverton. Across the bridge is a path that passes the historic site of Fischer’s Flouring Mill, established in the 1880’s. It’s now a nice picnic area close to down town. It looks like a lovely place to spend a warm spring day.

We walk on along the path and upt to the sidewalk to the main part of town. Silverton has a lot of great murals to view. We took a few pics, but today we couldn’t really do them justice.We must return again to get better photos and bring a really wide angle lens for the Bob mural.

As with many small towns, there is an endless supply of lovely old buildings with interesting architectural features to photograph. So often these things disappear to modernization, so it’s a treat to spend time exploring and spotting them when available.

As the clouds were drawing closer we decide it’s time to meander back toward the car. We find this great little walking bridge back across Silver Creek modeled after the local covered bridges. It has little benches to sit and enjoy the view. Ron took a pic from a deck at street level and found Bob’s doghouse, so he snapped a quick pic before joining me on the bridge.

We head out on 213 and take a quick detour over through Scott’s Mills before swinging back through Mt. Angel. I always get so turned around in Mt Angel. It’s another little town we plan to explore. We’ve gone for Oktoberfest, but of course everything is so different then. It would be nice to explore on a quieter day to get a real flavor of the area. Today wasn’t the day, because those storm clouds finally found us. Yep, that is snowflakes falling.

We finish the afternoon with a stop at the bookstore in Salem, then a quick freeway run home. More lovely clouds and a nice old Barracuda spotted on the way back.

Not a bad day for not riding anything two-wheeled. We needed more walking though.


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