Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sometimes it rains...

It was decided the night before. Today I'm going to ride! I already had on my rainpants when I got online and checked the weather. 32 degrees! Too bad, I'm still riding. The fingers haven't frozen off yet. Packed up lunch, grabbed the camera and headed out to the bike. And we're off. And were make sure the coffee pot is off. Yep, it's ok, off we go again into the cold. The sky was pretty. Some sun, lots of clouds.
Soon enough I run into fog. Blecch! Fog is tedious. But I get my first on-the-bike photo (woohoo)! Ok, so it's ugly fog and full of all sorts of photographic no-no's, but it's my first on-the-fly photo, so that trumps all! And I didn't kill myself, run off the road, or plow into any large painful objects.

I make it to work and the boss is off to a tradeshow (Hallelujah!) . This afternoon I look out the window. It looks nice out. Partly cloudy, pretty skies. Hmmmm, I won't need the sunglasses though. I head out of town and once I hit the freeway it's easy cruising. BIG hole in the traffic just for me. Cars way, way back of me, and cars way, way ahead. Just me and an empty road. All good things must end and eventually I caught cars and cars caught me.
By Albany I begin to notice a lot of grey to the south. Lets' face it, that's a big, bad rain storm and I'm gonna have to ride through it. Home is somewhere underneath those clouds. Really, rain isn't so bad. Lots of layers take out the sting. Helmet and rain gear keeps me dry. I kind of like it. Finished the day with a stop for gas, then home.

Wet, dirty bike - the Best!
Stayed dry!...well, 'cept the boots

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