Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sunny skies and Hail

We have it all planned out. It will be a car day. We do an errand in Salem, then we were going to drive up to Beaverton to deliver some fabric to our daughter. Afterwords I'd spend some time with the camera. We make it to Salem. What does Salem have? Blue skies. It's lovely out. We see a few other riders...tempting. But the one that pushed me over the top was the rider who came into the parking lot. It wasn't too bad at first. He parked an aisle over. I could admire the bike from afar. But then he pulled forward and came to park in our aisle.
So, blue skies and lovely bikes...what's a rider supposed to do with that? We never make it to Beaverton. We turned around, went home and got out the bikes. Of course in Lebanon the skies were back to grey. Oh well, we'll go North. And we did. North into more grey skies! Where did the blue go?

We ride to Silver Creek Falls and just beat the hale by ducking into the lodge for lunch. It figures.

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