Monday, April 6, 2009

I'm not very good at this blogging thing. I don't want to stop and take pics, and I can't make fancy google maps. This weekend we finally have some great weather. Sunny and warm. On Sunday, Ron and I spend the morning trying to decide what to do. Bicycle? Motorcycle? We finally settle on...both. We did a quick morning run on the Suzi's over to Brownsville and through the hills to Marcola. We continue on along the McKenzie River and down to Armitage Park. We stop for a quick snack and to soak up some sunshine. Then back on the road through the cute town of Coburg and back north to Brownsville then home. After lunch we dug out the other two-wheelers and went for a ride along the Santiam River. A perfect day.
In a couple weeks we will be doing most of this route (Brownsville-Coburg-Marcola-Brownsville) on bicycles. Can't wait!

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