Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A little ride last Sunday

After a beautiful ride on Saturday, and a lovely ride this morning on the Suzi's we decided to take another short ride on the bicycles. We picked our favorite loop along the South Santiam River.
Train trestle crossing the Santiam.

We stopped at the diversion dam for a few pics and just to hang out for a bit.
The artsy, textural, ooh look at the pretty rocks pic!
Fish ladder

I don't know how people take this kind of self portrait and come out looking good, but it seems this type of portraiture is required these days.
More artsy, funky, knarly root stuff...better known as sweepers or strainers. It really belongs on the outside curve of the river so my kayak can rush right in to its waiting limbs.
One more shot of the dam, this time from the opporsite shore. We stopped on the other side to rest after trying to out ride a fellow on a cruiser. Turns out he had a little electric motor - cheater! Really, we were just cheered that he was getting out and riding as much as he could. He spent a lot of time pedaling, and had rode from Lebanon to Waterloo and back, or about 8-10 miles.

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