Monday, October 26, 2009

I almost closed this blog. I just haven't been here for a long while. We haven't done much (moto)cycling this year--been concentrating on bicycling. So maybe I'll just ramble for a while and get my thoughts together. I'm considering a new, well, different bike. I'm looking at standards. Somehow I have it in my mind that I will like riding a standard better than a cruiser. That it will somehow be more agile and handle more to my liking. I'm not sure how I came to this conclusion. I've never ridden one. But there you go. Perhaps it's delusion. A standard won't make up for my lacking skills as a rider.

Some silly pics to add: Moto-Cookie goes for a ride. This dog loves to ride! Cars, Bicycles, and now the motorcycle. Only thing left to try is the kayak.

What is that nice "hunkering down" feeling I sometime get while throttling on when leaving a corner.

I've been riding a couple years and I'm still discovering power up there in the revs. Shifting later and later in the acceleration.

At first I had to shift way down for corners cuz I was so slow. Then I got faster at cornering and didn't shift down so much. Then I discovered how good it felt to shift down for corners, but still go fast. Weird.

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