Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The commute this week - Happy Thanksgiving

Yay! I got two commutes in this week! No pics. It's too cold to mess with the camera. Heck the camera is probably frozen too. Tuesday I had a rainbow! It wasn't a rainbow kind of morning, but there it was. I was going to stop and get a photo, but I'd end up behind a school bus if I did, so I rode on. Going home along the freeway I have great views of the sunset. It makes it hard to concentrate on traffic.

This morning I had fog. The thick pea soup kind of fog. But every once in a while it would thin out and I'd get these wonderful, misty views of the landscape around me. The fog makes the ride quite cold though. I get off early today so I opt to take the backroads home. It's a lovely ride home. How can I explain how it feels to ride, even when it's cold or damp. It does my soul well.


  1. I just realized from your last post that we're probably nearly neighbors. My wife's folks live on Gilkey Rd in Scio. We live in West Albany.

  2. Well howdy neighbor! We're in Lebanon. We probably ride bikes/motorcycles past their place from time to time. Nice area.