Thursday, November 19, 2009


Pondering the differences...motorcycle and bicycle. Both are about being out there, a part of the environment. Motorcycling, for me at least, is focused on the ride. When I ride I don't want to fuss with the camera. I don't want to stop for scenery, gas, or even to give myself a break. It's about the ride. I focus on technique and line, and how the moto feels as it moves down the road. Though sometimes it can be about the journey.

Bicycling is about the journey. When bicycling, I forget about the vehicle on which I'm riding. Bicycling lets me forget about technique and just ride, enjoying the world that I'm passing through at that moment. I hardly think on how to take a curve. I don't look for a suitable place to pull over. I just stop and drag the bike off the road.

One isn't better than the other. Both are best when they are best.

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  1. I use to do a fair amount of cycling. I hadn't really thought about the differences or similarities. One thing is for sure, uphill on a motorcycle is easier. :-)