Sunday, November 1, 2009

Quick trip to Eugene

Ron needed to pick up some tools from Woodcraft, so it seemed like the perfect destination for a little day ride. We headed out through Brownsville, over Gap Road, down through Coburg to Eugene. Ron found some things he wanted but some things had to be ordered. (Darn have to make this trip again!!) We started with blue skies, but ran into fog the farther south we went. Kinda cold by the time we got to Eugene.

We reversed back through Coburg then headed North and West over some backroads we haven't ridden (bicycle or moto) before. We got lost once, but it was a good lost. We wound our way over to Bellfountain Road and back to Corvallis. Lunch at Subway, then a few backroads home.

Taking a break on Bellfountain Road.

The requisite "shoot on the fly" pic.
Bellfountain Road.

...And the over the shoulder shot.
Not bad. I actually got the subject in the pic!

Ummm....aim lower. Nice blue skies though.

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