Saturday, November 14, 2009

Window shopping

Ron needed to pick up some tools at Woodcraft and the price of the trip was to visit a few motocycle dealers. I went to see a BMW f650 gs. It turned out to be a great day of learning. We saw and sat on a single and a twin. They feel very substantial and very tall! I was hoping they'd feel, well, a little smaller. They both were the standard height. They may have a lower one later on in spring. The salesman was very helpful--gave us a lot of information on the bikes, their accessories, features. Winter is a good time to visit the dealerships. It's less busy, and the staff have the time to go into all the details with you, even if you're just looking.  It was information overload by the end, but so good to get all the information. These are very nice, quality built bikes. They Ninja we will look at later will feel a little cheap in comparison. With their height and weight, I'm not sure I'm ready for a f650/g650 yet. BMW allows test rides, so if and when I get serious, I'm set to go.

Afterwords we stopped at Cyclesport and visited the kawasakis. They had the ER-6n and a 650R and the little 250 too. I was too tired to test ride, but the salesman let Ron take it out for a quick ride, so he could give me a ride report. It's not as torquey as the vulcan was. He could tell when he was lugging it. It's a bike that wants to rev. But very nimble and fun. It had new tires, so he did have a little sliding issue, but didn't drop the bike, so all is well. He's pretty sure I will like the bike. They have a green one. One of these weekends I plan to go back and ride one. The weight of this bike feels good to me. It's still a little tall, but can be lowered if I feel the need to do so.

No pics for this one...I couldn't bring myself to pull out the camera for a photo session at the dealership.

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