Friday, December 4, 2009

Friday Fix

I wait around for warmer weather, but it never comes. I do chores around the house. I run errands in the car. Cookie and I stop at Cheadle Lake. There's ice. Ice! We take a little walk, hoping to take some photos, but I don't like the angle of the sun. The light is harsh and in my face, so we head home.

I think again about digging out the motorcycle. It's still cold. I don't want to pile on all the gear. I'll have to stop and fill the gas tank. I seem to have a dozen excuses not to ride. But it's really beautiful out. Blue skies. I just can't stay home. Inspired by another blogger, I pull out the gear and get ready. See, warmer already. And the bike is ready; she starts right up eager to go. I pick a route that should give me about an hour of riding. It's one of our bicycle routes, "head to Shedd". I puzzle out the best vent-shield-sunglasses-breathguard combination that will give me the best view of the road with the least amount of fogging, and we're off. It really is a nice day to ride. We pass another biker out on the road! Wave, wave. On we go, two brave riders. Or is it two addicted riders out getting a fix? I won't ponder that thought too much. I want to get a photo with the bike in front of old Thompson's Mill. It's not the best spot for the shot, but it's the spot that I can manage to park the bike. I'm not brave enough to park on the bridge. This will have to do.

Here's one of Thompson's Mill from the Bridge.The better view.

I love to visit the mill. State Parks have done a good job bringing it to the public, but it's lost some of that mystery that comes from being an old abandoned building. We ride on, missing our turn. Darn sun in the eyes! We turn around in Shedd and are soon back on the route. Good thing too, because the chill is starting to get through all the layers.

Old barn.

Peterson's Butte...almost home again.


  1. Very nice pictures! I especially like the soft blur on the bottom of the last one. Good job braving the cold. Nice barn too. We'll have to continue the barn theme. :)

  2. Nice photos, I got one of the mill from the bridge for photo tag this fall. We'd be happy to have you join us.

    Kudos for suiting up and riding, it is well worth the effort.

  3. Thanks Mike,
    Not so brave...just don't want to put the bike away for winter, so that leaves one option, go ride :)

    A barn theme would be fun!

  4. Troubadour, thanks for the link. Looks like fun! I agree, well worth the effort.

    Hey at least you guys were brave enough to park on the bridge for the pic.

  5. I've been to Thompson's Mill a few times. In fact, I ride by several of the places in this post. The photos draw me in. I especially like the view of the mill over the water and in the sun!

  6. Thanks! That's one of the nicest compliments I've gotten on my photos. I'm glad you enjoyed them.

    I love to read about adventure rides & tours, but so much of our time is spent in the here and now. I want to find something special even in my little everyday world.