Thursday, December 31, 2009

Black and White, and a little Red all over

It seems everyone is doing black and white this week. I figure it's a good time to learn a technique I've been wanting to try. I googled a tutorial and set to work on this, my contribution to black and white...with a little color.

Somehow I had it in mind that there is a special filter or action that selects the color, but apparently it's just a straight forward technique using the history brush - that weird little brush I never use. I think I was expecting something flashier, but it'll be useful and was good practice.

Click for tutorial


  1. Nice photo! I really like the slight color added back. And the texture of the shadows and the boards - just perfect!

    Happy New Year...again.

  2. That is absolutely neat! I've wanted to do that but haven't gotten up the nerve to sit down and figure it all out. What an adventurer you are! Now perhaps I will have the courage to try it.

    Remembering you got there first, of course!

  3. Thanks Mike,
    I wasn't sure if it was a successful photo or not. I haven't play around much with B&W, and I have some doubts on some of my post-processing techniques.

    Hi Irondad,
    Thanks, I've been wanting to try it for a while too and finally took the plunge. It was simpler than I thought, and as usual with photoshop, there is about 6 different ways to create the same effect.

    I'll add a link in the blog to the tutorial I used. I can't seem to add links here in the comments box

  4. I've been using this method to get to B&W. It gives you control instead of just desaturating.

    When the "select stop color" screen appears, use the cursor along the left side of the color map to adjust your desired darkness.

    You then have the option to add some color back, but it adds it to the overall image.

    I like what you did with just the leaves. Thanks for the link.

  5. BTW, I have this book and it's what I'm using to learn PS.

    It's well worth the money IMHO. If Santa happened to give you a gift certificate at Borders or Barnes & Noble, it might be worth a look!

  6. Thanks for the links. I'll check them out. I've tried a couple B&W techniques, but this doesn't sound familiar. Peaks my interest to see how it goes.