Wednesday, December 9, 2009

've been neglectful of my photography. As with most things I prefer the outdoors for photography and with this cold weather I'm not wanting to linger outside. Christmas lights are up, the air is crisp and clear, yet I haven't taken advantage.

I have taken the time to play around indoors with the camera (yes, even the "boat anchor" nikon). I finally broke out the colored films for some painting with light. They've been tucked away in the camera gear for two years; it's time to use them. Pretty blah results, but it has wet my appetite for more. What did I learn? It's really tough to swap films on the flash and still beat the camera timer. Especially in the semi-dark.

This week the local photography club will take a trip downtown for some night photography of the local Christmas lighting. I'm trying to convince myself to go. It's going to be really cold! What to do, what to do??


  1. Bluekat,
    Nice color, especially on the blue one. I also like the various colors on the tea kettle. I say layer up and go for it with the photo club. Downtown and night this time of year would be great for subject matter. Heck, you might want to ride there - ah no, just kidding. Have fun...

  2. Thanks
    lol-thanks for the encouragement, but I think the bike will stay home!

    I was so jazzed today...spotted a rider on my commute home...bless his/her heart...out there in this cold!

  3. You have to go for it. How often do we have this brilliantly brisk and clear weather? I've been out haunting our neighborhood taking pictures of decorated houses.

    There's always so much to explore with a camera, isn't there?

  4. Well, I haven't fully committed yet, but I did sort out a mountain of cold weather layers...just in case :)

    So true, there is always something to explore. I like to find those surprising little photo ops in places where I don't expect it.