Friday, December 18, 2009

 It's time for a ride. The bike has nearly been swallowed up by the clutter monster that resides in the garage. I gather up my gear, dig out the Suz, and turn over the engine. I think for the first time ever, she hesitates just briefly, but then everything was fine.

I know it hasn't been that long, but I feel a little tentative a first. Funny how that is transferred to the bike. She is tentative too, but when I feel better, she gets better. And we're off. It's good to be on the road again. Real good. We pick the best path through this...

...and don't stop until here. When we bicycle during the summer this is a nice, cool stretch of road, and very pretty, so I stop to enjoy the peace for a moment.

My next stop is the Western Star Grange. I love these buildings dotted all around the valley.

Princess Suzi aquiesced to roll her dainty, princess tires off the pavement and onto the gravel. Quite the adventurer that one! Ok, so it's me that fears the gravel. It was an adventure for me...and "no motos were hurt in the documenting of this ride". With little fanfare and no drops we're back on the pavement.

This was the destination for the day, and this is the best pic I got of the church. The timid-factor kicked in...maybe they don't like biker dudettes...It has gravel...It looks like people are there...I might have to talk to someone!! I'll go back another time with Ron. He can socialize and I can smile and take photos. Note: more pea gravel.

Nice little road after the church.

Little church in Peoria. I stand on a mossy spot on the road attempting to hold up the bike and take the picture--fun!

Somewhere after Peoria I feel like riding more and stopping less. I head back to the other side of the valley choosing one backroad and then another. I Wave to one other rider today. To be fair I saw a couple out riding this morning, so 4 bikers saw fit to ride this day.
More meandering: Ward Butte and it's little neighber in the field.

One last pic on the fly: Rockhill Schoolhouse.

I stop to top off the tank and head home just beating the mist that starts to fall.
Merry Christmas


  1. There's a really neat house just to the East of that church. The house looks somewhat like a castle.

    It's good to be tentative for a bit if you haven't ridden for a bit. Knocks the rust off, you know!

  2. Cool. That gives me an excuse for another ride...castle hunting.

    Always good to knock some rust off; Don't want to get too rusty!