Sunday, December 13, 2009

Yet another Cheadle Lake post...

We pay another visit to Cheadle Lake today. It's good to get outside for a walk and not have freezing weather. There is ice, not on the trail, but on the still frozen lake. And few birds.

We find a number of white feathers on the ground. I hope it's not what's left of the egret I saw a week ago.

Except for a Basset hound out walking his owner we have the place to ourselves.

Have a good week.


  1. Very nice images! I especially like the first one of the bird and the last one with the bench. I didn't know about Cheadle Lake - thank you. Hope you get to ride this week!

  2. Thanks Mike :)

    For years Cheadle Lake was inaccessible. It was used as the log pond for the local mill, but now the city is trying to clean it up and create a park/natural area. Right now it's nearly empty from summer, but should return to normal water levels when we get more rain.

    I'm anxiously watching the weather report, hoping that dry spell at the end of the week doesn't disappear! It would be nice to ride in a balmy 50F!

  3. I get to Lebanon about every other month to call on the hospital and the school district. It's been a while since I've been to the southern part of the city. It'll be nice to have a natural wetland there.

    The end of the week is looking better for riding!

    Take care - mike

  4. Is this where the Strawberry Fair is held?

    I love wondering these kind of empty places. Thanks for the photos. They look just like the ones you should take there.

  5. Thanks,

    Yes the fairgrounds are part of the whole parcel. The trail connects to the fairground area, but usually is gated. I haven't been to the festival since it's moved to the current site.

    Right now Cheadle lake is a "diamond in the rough". BLT has done a lot of clean up, but there is still more to do. I kind of like it in this "rough" stage.