Friday, January 15, 2010

Faded Roses

I spent a little time this morning learning different settings on the G11. I don't trust my post processing yet. I'm still not sure if I tend to oversharpen.

I selected and blurred the background a little more on this one.The bouquet was for my birthday a couple weeks ago. Yes this is commentary on my housekeeping...I haven't thrown them out yet. Why do you think I blurred the background? To disguise the fact that I'm playing with photos and not cleaning house.


  1. Very nice shots Kari. Nice color and they don't look oversharpened to me. And even with the blurry background your housekeeping looks fine! :)

    Really nice lighting on the second one.

  2. oh yeah! I agree with Mike! They look great and a blurry bookcase is always a great background! Love the composition and colors! I got my G9 probably just over a year ago. Can you believe they are up to the G11 already! Great cameras for sure!

  3. Thanks Mike,
    I wasn't sure if maybe I over did it a bit. Per the housekeeping, if it wasn't blurry you wouldn't be able to say that! :)

    Hi Eve,
    and Thanks! I hadn't planned for the book case, so it was one of those happy accidents. Yes, the G series is great. I'm really enjoying having a small camera with so much control.


  4. Isn't the G11 great? The more I learn how to use it, the better I like it. Now, if we could only find a permanent wide aperature view to see only the beauty and nothing else, huh?