Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fuel Injection - A Picture a Day

I took this photo last winter when Ron had his bike apart. There's something fascinating and photogenic about engines and the assorted parts. With a husband and son both with "projects" I have a plethora of subject matter all around the house. A treasure trove I've barely tapped.

I think this is part of the carburetor...or is the carburetor. Whatever, I just thought it was interesting. An opportunity to play with the camera and play with photoshop, apply curves and contrast and a little sharpening, or maybe a lot. I like the subtle blush of colors, some warm, some cool. I wonder if Ron would mind tearing it apart again, to let me have a go at it with the G11? Probably not. He informed me that any bike I drag home must be fuel injected. Apparently he doesn't care to do this project again neither on his bike nor on another.

This whole post will be rather silly if it turns out this is not a carburetor.


  1. It's got me stumped as to what they are... Ron obviously knows. :) Because there are 4 of them and they're in a row they're not carbs, but that knob has me intrigued. A bike would have a maximum of 2... I think. They're definitely on the intake side of the engine not the exhaust side so they're throttle bodies maybe. I know car engines not bikes... yet.

    I was checking out all the photos with this one on your Smugmug site. They look great! How do you like Smugmug? Which level of membership do you have?

  2. lol, I had to ask Ron again to be sure. Yes it's a carburetor...or four. The close up is of the air intake(?), and I already forgot what he said the knob was. Ah yes, we know car engines too. Chevys, Fords, and VW's.

    I have the basic level on Smugmug. I haven't been there long, so I'm still getting familiar with it. I used flickr before that.

    I've always liked the look and feel of SmugMug and have been very satisfied with it. I didn't care for the layout on flickr, and I struggled more with the interface. But I think it was better for social networking and groups.

    SmugMug is from the same bunch that does the ADVrider forums...more motorcycles and photogs...if a rather rascally bunch.

  3. I shouldn't say I know car engines as a broad statement. I know BMW, Porsche, and VW. And the learning has been as a trial and error monkey. :)

    Thanks for the info on Smugmug. I agree, I like the look of it and it looks like their support is good too if you have a question.

    I think I'll give it a spin with their 14 day trial. Thanks again!

  4. If it walks like a carborator and talks like a carborator...then...

    I love the picture AND the new header Kari! Very nice!

  5. One more question on Smugmug - are you an affiliate member? If so, I'll sign up through your blog so you get credit for it. I want to help you get that dream sportsbike! :)

  6. BlueKat:

    I used to have a similar knob on my old carbureted Suzuki, and it was the idle knob.

    all of my photos are hosted on Webshots, no fees or anything. I also have some on Photobucket but not as structured as webshots. Webshots limits your viewing sizes and you have to define them before posting which keeps all the photos consistent in size, not so with photobucket.

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

  7. Thanks Eve
    Glad you like it.

    Hi Mike,
    Thanks, but I don't know if I'm an affliate member...I don't even know what that is. :)
    Guess I need to go and see.

    Hi Bobskoot
    I think that may be what he said it was. I like to look at all the parts when he has the bike apart (or car), but it's all mostly a mystery to me. I just ride. I don't keep her running. :)

  8. At least you've helped me find a name for all the parts stashed in baskets and boxes. They're not junk, they're "projects"!