Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Goals, A contest, and a picture for the day

I've never been a goal setter. I'm incredibly undisciplined. If I set a goal I will most likely change it on a whim, so why bother. But with everyone posting some of their plans for 2010 I thought maybe I should give it a go.

I put a pathetically low number of miles on the motorcycle last year. I don't know what happened! 2008 I started riding and I don't think I drove the car all summer. I was a passenger in the car, but when I had to drive, I chose to ride. So this year I aspire to ride more. I'd be happy with 12,000 miles. (Might have to take a tour to get the numbers up - oh darn!) On that note, I've thrown down the gauntlet and issued a challenge to my darling hubby.

Actually it's more like I was bragging about riding to work more than him and his taking it as a challenge. (I never said it was a challenge! It was just a comment! Really!!) We look at the calendar and figure that so far we've both ridden to work 3 times each. We can do better. The race is on to see whose going to rack up the miles...or the trips throughout the year.

So how do we set this up? He works 5 days a week. I work 4. I go 68 miles round trip. He goes 36. His bike is older which equals more down time. I'm looking to sell my bike and acquire another. There will be a space of time when I will be (gulp!) bikeless. I get shivers just thinking of it. You want to witness desperation? There will be much whining. Well, we'll figure something out.

I have one other motorcycling goal, but I'm sort of waffling on it, so I'll save it for another post should I decide to go through with it.


One more from Ankeny Wildlife Refuge
Ive taken photos of this scene before. It's one of my favorite places for a quick stop when there's not time to hike, or sometimes we pack a lunch and just sit in the car to enjoy the wildlife and the view.


  1. I plan on starting a cross country trip on July 3rd. Will be visiting Oregon on my way to San Francisco. It looks like Oregon is a beautiful state. We plan on stopping in Redmond for a BMW event around the 15 through the 17th. Which National park is a must see in Oregon?
    Keep up the good work and ride ;-)

  2. Hi George,
    Sounds like a great trip! As to National parks...we only have one: Crater Lake. I like to take the rim road around clockwise so it's easy to pull into the viewpoints. The lodge is fun to see, but we haven't stayed there. We use either Mazama Campground or stay at Diamond Lake resort or Union Creek resort. Both are rustic and quaint as opposed to 5-star. Lots of Mosquitoes, so bring the spray!

    I guess my other pick would be the Oregon Coast. I think the central portion is best.


  3. Crater Lake is already on my route :-) Thanks for the help on the resorts. After Redmond we will go 97S towards Crater Lake then continue to Grants Pass then cross the National Park Siskiyou towards Crescent City in CA.

  4. That's just about the reverse of the trip we took in 08. If you go past Union Creek, Becky's cafe is said to have great pie. I had a nice dinner there, alas no pie that night.

    cheerio kari