Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I hate tar snakes!
I hate tar snakes in the dark!
I hate tar snakes in the the rain!!!
They make my bike wiggle and squiggle.
They are evil.
Just so you know.

 The Suzi is going to visit her shop boy this week, and she requested a bath. Finally got the summer bugs scrubbed off the front. There really is a shiny little bike under all that grime. I didn't clean the spokes. I hate cleaning spokes. Who invented spokes anyway? They are almost as annoying as tar snakes are evil. When we pick her up I can look at all the other pretty bikes in the shop. Sit on a Hayabusa or two. It could be fun.


  1. I try to memorize where the snakes are in my travels - then one creeps up and tries to bite me.

    Nice bike, Kari! What a switch it would be to a Hayabusa! You wouldn't get pictures of anything, you'd be going by everything so fast. :)

  2. BlueKat:

    Yep, that's what my bike needs . . . a special BlueKat wash. When can I ride over ?

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

  3. Hi Mike,
    Yes they're sneaky little buggers.
    lol - me and a hayabusa. I sat on one once and it scared me just sitting there. It has a cool name though.

    Hi Bobskoot.
    Ok, but just remember I don't do spokes!

  4. There are other bad things: e.g. wet railroad tracks, cattle grids, water filles pot holes (you never know how deep they go...), and Calgarian cagers...
    I hate spokes too, hence my next bike won't have them ;-)
    Cheers from Calgary, Alberta, Canada

  5. I didnt know they were called tar snakes Bluekat!!! But I knew just what you ment when you said that!! hahahah I hate them too!!
    My Suzi's battery is dead!!! It's time to get out there! I'll get her running and a bath and then dream about getting a Hayabusa! I never thought I'd wish my legs were longer!!!

  6. Hi Sonja
    ah yes, all those wonderful surfaces out to trip us up. I have yet to do a cattle guard (shudder!). You just reminded me...I'm looking to change bikes this year. I had to go check and see if the one I'm looking at has spokes (it didn't Yay!) :)

    Hi Eve,
    I'd never heard of tar snakes until I took up motorcycling. I think it's an apt name for them.

    Which Suzuki do you have? I just fell in love with a ninja 650 today, but have also been trying to look at a sv650. It's been elusive around here.

  7. Hi Blue,
    I've got an 04 Katana GXSF 600. We finally found a lower kit and put it on after a few years. You really don't want to be up on your toes, but I think it's fairly easy to lower the bikes if needed. I started on the Ninja 250R. Loved it but rode that little thing too long. It was fast and fun and I could pick it up if I had to. Can't pick up the Katana. Every time I go to the shop I dream of a new bike.

  8. I don't think I've seen a Katana. I looked at a GXS650F earlier this week. I'm not sure if that's similar. It seemed a little taller than the ninja. I've heard the 250's are fun little bikes to ride. I wish I'd started with one.

    I think we're always dreaming of the next bike. :)