Saturday, January 23, 2010

I went, I sat, I rode

I'm in love. After months of looking and sitting, and sitting some more, I finally got to ride my beloved Ninja 650r. Sigh! and it was good!! Sorry, no pics of my big adventure. Ron has been after me for months to  go ride one. I hate riding a bike that isn't mine. I hate going to dealers. I dislike the whole selling/buying process (excepting the riding the bike part...I like that now).

The Ninja is lime, as a Ninja should be. She has (count them) zero miles. How can I ride a bike with zero miles? Are they crazy? The test ride starts in the parking lot. Actually that's not true, it starts with more sitting in the showroom. I'm not flat footed. I'm not on the balls of my feet. I'm on tippy toes. I can't back up because my feet would slip out from under me. I'm not sure this is a good idea. Then we move to the parking lot.

I have three guys standing around watching. (GO AWAY PLEASE!) One slow loop around the lot. She feels pretty good...lots of engine braking with this one. Second loop, second gear even better. All my stops are good.  I don't drop the bike. Ok, time to hit the road. It's only a short ride, but it is very, very good! Do I sound excited? Am I nattering on? Sorry.

I get in the wrong gear once or twice, but the ninja handled it well. Did I mention it was a wonderful ride, a "one with the bike" sort of ride. I thought the high seat height would scare me, or worse cause problems at stops, but everything felt right. I love the high, upright seating position. I can see all around me. I can tell already cornering is gonna be nicer. Much nicer. She wants to corner. And she can lean! I can lean!! Who knew.

Sadly, we didn't bring her home. I have a bike to sell first. :(


  1. Wow, nice Kari! Nice description of your feelings and emotions. Sounds like she might become part of the family soon. It'll be fun to see how this pans out over the coming months. Meanwhile, sweet dreams. :)

  2. Yes! It is a beauty!!! Wow I wish I could test drive one of these! But I sure wouldn't want the guys standing around watching me!!! Are you going to get it??? Wow, you will love it...just get the lower kit and you will feel even more comfortable.You really don't want to be up on your toes.

  3. Hi Mike
    MONTHS!!! I want it to pan out in DAYS! Patience isn't one of my virtues. :)

    Thanks. Writing about it helps me to work it out...put my thoughts together, and gives me something to refer back to if I get to ride something else as comparison.

    Hi Eve,
    I'd like to get it, but I have to sell my bike first. Most likely I will buy used. But it can't hurt to flirt with the new ones. :)

    The best thing I got out of yesterday was getting to test ride. Before I thought I would like it, but now I know I do. The shop said they have lowering kits and could do the work there. I know some people have altered the seat for a lower position too.

  4. BlueKat:

    ahh, dreams. I just hate it when you can taste it, or you grab it and can't let go. I know what you mean.
    I used to have a Suzuki SV650n, it is a 90 degree V-twin vs the Ninja's parallel twin, same HP etc. It would be very comparable.

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

  5. Hi Bobskoot
    I'm trying to not spend all my time dreaming. :)

    I've heard a lot of good about the sv650. I've been wanting to look at a sv650n and haven't found one. I think it's more upright than the sv650s. The dealer where I take my Suzuki has two of the sport version, but they basically don't allow test rides. ( I did the sit test though.)

    While I look at the new bikes, I will most likely buy used. So it come down to what's around when I'm ready to buy.


  6. Kari,
    Look at Eve's latest post. You inspired her!

  7. Thanks Mike,
    I haven't caught up on all my reading. I'm honored that I could inspire someone. :)

  8. 650R = good bike. My first.

    You can get a -1" seat to help reduce the seat height without changing the suspension geometry.

    I am a relative newbie in motorcycling.

    You can read all about it by clicking on "Bucky" above.

  9. Hi Bucky,
    Thanks for the info on the seat. After my experience with my Suzuki, I really don't want to mess with the suspension. I'll try everything else before I do.

    After riding the ninja, I feel very comfortable riding it as it is. It's taller than my current bike, but lighter so it kind of evens out. I'm still looking at a few other bikes, but the Ninja seems to be a very nice fit for me.