Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It used to tick me off when the weather was dry during the week only to turn to rain on the weekend. Have you ever noticed how chipper some weather forecasters can be? Annoyingly so. I don't want a chipper forecast about good weather when I'm working in my office that has no window!

Why save a great ride for the weekend? If I ride to work, I never have to miss a good day. Ok, I admit I have a pretty awesome route to work. If I leave early enough I can forgo the freeway and take the country roads. Today's commute started lovely and ended with rain. The rain fell, but it didn't touch me. A perfect ride doesn't require sunshine. I like dry roads and overcast skies. No glare, no sun in my eyes, no light and shadow play across the road. I consider these ideal conditions.I guess if the sun wants to shine that's ok too. I will deal with it somehow.

Gratuitous bike pic


  1. BlueKat:

    I was more or less thinking like you do, at least rain is not as slippery as ice & frost. Also during the summer having rain means that I don't have to cut the grass.

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

  2. When you get your Ninja, your going to miss that windshield!!! It gets mighty cold riding fast in the rain!!
    I'm glad you had a good ride and aren't afraid to take the chance of getting wet.

  3. Hi Bobskoot
    Not slippery is good! But if you wait too long to cut the grass you have to harvest it instead.

    Hi Eve,
    Oh don't say that. That's one of my worries...that that little windscreen won't help much. My husband has already offered up his electric jacket. Not that I'm ready to admit I need heated gear. :)

  4. Warmth and sunshine is where you find it. If you don't ride in the rain, you never ride much around here. I love your attitude about your ride to work.

    I'm in Seaside right now with the bike. Today was a great day weatherwise. Tomorrow will bring rain. Either way, the ride will be beautiful.

  5. Thank you Irondad,
    I'm not sure that it's an attitude as much as a simple realization that the rain doesn't have to stop a ride (or hike or whatever). I took a chance and rode one rainy day. I didn't melt, and I had a very nice ride.

    Be safe and have a beautiful ride - rain or shine. :)