Friday, January 8, 2010

One down...

My morning started early today with Ron waking help him get his bike up. There she is, slumped over the barrel planter next to the driveway. I didn't think he'd appreciate my whipping out the camera before we commence to get the old girl up, so we set to work and have her up in short order. It's a good way to warm up for the day. Ron's statement: pics? It didn't happen!

Looking past the backyard I can see just a hint of color to the sky. One quick pic...

Not a good photo, but I just want one to remember the morning. I don't think it's cold this morning until I slip on the deck. It's 33 degrees and there's frost on the car, but no need to scrape is for riding. I have new pants to try out, and some new silk liners for the gloves. I wonder how much they'll help against the cold.

On my way out of town I catch a glimpse of a guy in his car. He's looking at me, rubbing his arms to gesture "cold"! It makes me chuckle. Yes, It's cold, but it's still wonderful to be on the bike. I don't know why, but the cold  makes the ride seem to belong just to me. I see no other riders this morning.

The afternoon commute is pleasant, even though it's a run down the freeway. I find a nice big hole in traffic and set a relaxed, easy pace. It's almost like having the road to myself. I see two riders this afternoon. One dark cloud threatens rain, but it never catches me. I'll hear it plinking raindrops on the skylight after I'm home.

So why did the Suzi take a nap this morning? It seems that Ron's usual habit is to roll out of the garage then stop to plug in his jacket. When he stopped to plug in he leaned the bike over to the kickstand...and over...over...oops, no kickstand. Yes, the old "I forgot to put down the kickstand" routine.

I'm glad he doesn't do the blog thing. He doesn't get to tell stories on me!


  1. That's why I roll the bike out with the kickstand down, although I know one day I'll drop it somehow.

    It was a little windy and chilly yesterday - hope the new pants and glove liners worked well!

  2. BlueKat:

    I just love Ron's quote, and I'm going to "steal" it.

    " . . . no pics ? It didn't happen . . ."

    right Ron ?

    I have a couple of didn't happens too, but hard to explain the scratches and bent brake lever.

    What kind of Suzuki is it ? was just wondering

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

  3. Hi Mike,
    Chilly yes, but I think the wind stayed mostly north of here.

    The glove liners helped a tiny bit, but it was still cold.

    The pants are great. Not quite as warm as the goretex rain pants and running pants I was wearing over my jeans. I could still add the running pants for warmth. At least I have better protection now.

  4. Hi Bobskoot,
    LOL - I'll let Ron know. So far I only have 1 "didn't happen" with my first bike. I kinda hope I keep it that way.

    He has a 81 or 82 Suzuki GS850. She's blue with 109k and a big silver windjammer faring. She's rather top heavy. Once she starts to go, it's all over. I call her Giselle. Get it...GS, Giselle. yeah he rolled his eyes too!

  5. BlueKat:

    I know Giselle has shaft drive. I purchased a brand new GS1100 back in 1981. It was the fastest production bike of that year. It was very heavy (to me), but light as compared to a Yamaha XS1100. Back then I had no riding experience. I was lucky cause I'm still here.
    I had a vew bikes back then. I think I also had a Windjammer on my GS550. If it's made by Vetter then I had one too.

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin