Sunday, January 31, 2010

Quartzville Road

It's a sunny, almost no rain, day. That must mean it's time for a ride. I've been wanting to ride Quartzville Road for a while. This is a scouting trip. Later this year I want to ride the whole route to Highway 22. Ron and I take the back roads toward Sweet Home, past Foster Dam and are on our way to Green Peter Dam, the first stop of the day.  Being that riders always take pictures of their bikes on bridges and other scenic spots along their route, we decide to stop for a photo op.
What are you lookin' at, Hon?

Did you know that you aren't supposed to park on a dam? It's a homeland security thing, or so the nice man in the white pickup (with brown lettering on the side) told us. I get in a couple of shots, but I'm not daring enough to take his picture. Besides no fines, tickets, or cavity searches appear to be forth coming, so why press our luck. We are violating national security and all, and the nice man is being, well nice!

My ride.
My partner in crime.

We park at the end of the dam (as instructed) to get our gratuitous bike pics and glam shots. Then off we go.

Quartzville road is awesome. It's a blast to ride, and it has stunning scenery. This could be a deadly combination. The eyes want to stray to the view...the one with a drop off...don't go where your lookin'.  We didn't take many photos. I didn't want to stop. Some rides are meant to be ridden, not interupted with photo ops.

I did take the time to get one requisite curvy road shot. There were much better scenes of the road, but they were funner to ride than photograph, so this is the one you get.

One more of the bridge because I like the pattern of bolts and railings alongside the road.

And a quick shot of a little waterfall around the base of some trees. Point, shoot and go; I'm antsy to be back on the road.

Being winter the reservoir is low. I hope we get enough snow pack to fill it this spring.

This is my only effort at photography for the day. I tried out the ND filter on a small waterfall. I even had a tripod for the occasion. It was about this time I figured out the camera was set on ISO 800! What the *#*$^@ did I need to have the camera set at 800?? I never use iso 800. Some photographer I am, not checking my settings, lol.

Another glam shot of the suzi and Quartzville creek.

More gratuitous scenery

Since we have the tripod we pose for a self-portrait.
"Did it take the picture yet?"
"Just keep smiling!"



  1. Love it!! I agree that riding and photographing are not always compatible, but you sure did a great job here Kari! Your pictures are great! Love the scenery and waterfall, and bikes....all great pictures. And to get a self-portrait, now that is cool!!

  2. It's like you want to continue around the winding road without interruptions but at the same time you want to capture the moment for later :-) I have the same problem but usually end up taking pictures ;-) Nice shots

  3. Kari,
    I ditto Eve and George. Great photos (when you were able) and nice ride report even considering you violated a homeland security law. :) I wouldn't have known that either but I guess it makes sense.

    The ND worked great on the waterfall shot!

  4. Thanks Eve,
    Glad you enjoyed the pics. Actually I hate pictures of myself, but I like to see people in other blogs and ride reports, so I thought it only fair to add my own.

    Hi George,
    Yes, that's exactly the dilemma. If I'm by myself I may stop more often, but I feel bad coming to a screeching halt when Ron is riding behind me for yet another photo. He never complains though. Thanks!


  5. Hi Mike,
    lol - I've never seen a sheriff appear so fast. I think he must camp up there in the bushes right by the dam. Right in front of where we parked was a big "no parking" sign...made it kinda hard to play innocent.

    Hi Troubadour
    Way funner, actually. ;)
    Good to see you guys made it back from the wild city safe and sound.


  6. One of those deputies in a truck is my neighbor. His name is Greg, a very friendly guy. Sort of a round face, short sandy hair. Maybe I can ask him to pose for a photo with the truck and my bike in a shot on top of Foster Dam. He can put his hat over his face so he won't get in trouble.

    I ride Quartzville Rd. to Highway 22 once in a while. Last time, some of the road had washed out. It was just wide enough for the bike. Sure cuts down on other traffic!

    Nice photos of a beautiful area. I get caught on that setting thing, too. Although I find the G11 reverts to a matrix metering when I turn it on again.

  7. Thanks Irondad,
    I didn't actually see what he looked like. I was busy acting casual and trying to be invisible.

    I've only been all the way through once, and that was many years ago, and in a car. I'm really looking forward to trying it again by bike.

  8. Good job on the pics. I am very happy for you that you can go out for a ride this time of the year. Thanks for writing about it. Keep on riding!

  9. Thank you Sonja,
    Glad you enjoyed them. :)