Monday, January 18, 2010

Smells like Christmas.

Last night we had a windstorm. A strong one. The kind of storm where I'm checking the yard to see if the canvas garage has blown away...again. By morning it's calm. The eastern sky has that lovely, "partly cloudy" look that promises a pretty sunrise and a scenic ride. The temperature drops as the sun comes up. Was that really necessary? Alas, the fingers will be a little cold on this commute.

For the most part the roads are dry, and empty. It's a holiday and traffic is light. No school buses to contend with today! My last rural stretch of road before entering Salem is lined with tall fir trees, and the road is littered with debris from last night's wind. It makes for a good time dodging the pine cones, small limbs, and fluffy green tufts. It smells like Christmas. I would miss this riding in the car.

This photo was taken on a bicycle ride a couple weeks ago. The image was overexposed. I did a lot of processing...played with it one day to make a grayscale image; Came back today to fuss with it some more and added a sepia cast. I love scenes like this, lonely and neglected. This one is all about texture. Texture in the grass, the tree, the old fence. I think it's a little bright, but I wonder if it were printed it might be about right.The big tree is too centered, but changing the angle of view added elements I didn't want, so I'll have to be satisfied with it as is.


  1. Zoey, our bullmastiff wakes me up about 2 am each morning to go out. This morning when I opened the slider to let her out it sounded like a jet was in our backyard. We both kind of looked at each other like, "what's THAT".

    Today was a great day, considering it's January, for riding!

    I like the photo - very rustic and I like the sepia tone. And nice texture with the fence boards, trees, and tall grass.

    Did you realize the sepia gives it a chocolaty tone similar to Godiva? Okay, I'll stop now. :)

  2. I love big dogs! (Even though our dog is now a compact model.) Did she brave the storm? Kinda hard to push a bullmastiff out the door if she doesn't want to go! :)

    Sepia and chocolate - thanks! Now I'll crave chocolate whenever I see a sepia tinted photo, lol!


  3. She did brave the storm - even again this morning with the second wind storm. She's real good about going out when she has to. For other times when she doesn't want to do something, a dog biscuit works well. She's always ready to eat.

  4. Now I know the real photographic secrets of the pro's. When a picture doesn't turn out, go grayscale and sepia then call it "artsy". If that doesn't work, distract everyone with chocolate. I learn new stuff all the time!

  5. BlueKat:

    I was just thinking that Irondan has it all figured out. He is learning our secrets.

    He is turning out much smarter than he looks

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

  6. And to think, I did it without wearing pink crocs! Amazing.

  7. Hi Irondad you're gettin' it! You get to charge more $$$ for "artsy' stuff too!

    Bobskoot and Irondad,
    Just think what you could do with pink crocs!